Linn Ikemi Repair

Does anyone know of a good place to bring my Ikemi in for repair. It suddenly stopped playing and just makes clicking sounds when a disc is loaded. Some place in the NY/Long Island area would be preferable if at all possible.

Any ideas on what the problem could be are also welcome.

I really think you should contact Linn in Florida and ask them if they still support the product. The only thing is - and I'm not sure, that they might make you do it through a dealer. Good luck if you bought it used. Hopefully, Linn will repair it for you. Plus, while it's down there, they can give it a full checkup. I would appreciate you letting us know the outcome. Best of luck.
As per the Linn web site, the Linn Retailer in New York City is:

150 E 58th Street
New York
NY 10155

Or, you can look here for other Linn retailers in other cities:
Here's what I'd suggest: Turn it off, unplug it (power and interconnects), bring it over to the couch or to your bed -- something very soft and cushiony -- hold it upside-down, about 8 or 10 inches above the surface below, with the top level with the cushion or bed below -- and let it fall.
Do this once, and only once, and then hook it back up.
If it works again, pour yourself a celebratory drink and pop in a favorite CD. If it doesn't, don't ever tell a soul that you took this advice.
Good luck.
The High End Audio Repair offers Linn non-warranty service. The Linn Repairs are done by Ben Jacoby to include turntables.

Hear LLC
Brooklyn, N.Y.
Ph: (718) 377-8010

I have never used them and suggest you give them a call.
Thanks for your responses, especially Hodu's suggestion.