Linn Ikemi with Tri-Vista DAC or Marantz SA-11 S1

Mainly for redbook, but the added value of excellent SACD playback isn't by any means worthless.
System: Cary V-12i - the next piece to go (Berning next up)
First Sound Presence Deluxe - mk. 2
Merlin VSM-MX speakers
Cardas Golden Reference top to bottom

Thanks for the input - I'm almost there by God.
I take you are talking about using the Tri-Vista as an outboard DAC. I would say that would make a great redbook player. I own a Ikemi and have been happy with the sound for years, I also use Cardas GR's and that did improve the satging an ddetail considerably. I haven't heard the Marantz but I do own a DV 9500 and would not recommend it as a redbook player.