Linn Ikemi owners

I would like to ask the Ikemi owners some questions.
I buy recently an Ikemi cd player,i like it very mouch.
But i mention some "motor type" noise when the cd is loading and a little bit louder when skip from track 1 to track 35 for example,or higher...I check with a Chesky test disc,it"s loadet with 71 tracks.(very good to test a cd drive...)but when the cd is playing the transport is noisless!!
Any way, is that sound is normal ?
My player is made in 2002,is necessery a service ? is work perfect.
Any opinion welcome & sorry for my school english...
Thank you.
I owned an Ikemi for years and never heard anything but a slight motor noise when loading the disc other wise completely quiet. I miss that about the Ikemi. I would wait till it fails.
How far away from the unit can you hear the motor noise?
ikemi machines don't make noise, they produce music...i have owned several linn players and they never make any noise...if it doesn't bother you on the play change,etc...and is not heard during the playback, then change it when it quits...
Thanks everyone.
Leatherneck1812, i heard the noise from the laser head when skip from track to track about 6 feet away...
It I listen very carefully I can hear a slight sound when switching tracks from the remote if moving multiples of tracks. There is no sound from the unit beyond that. If you go from 1 to 35 the laser has to move rapidly over 34 tracks. I wouldn't be concerned if you don't hear anything while playing music. The Ikemi is the quietest cdp I have owned.
If you are concerned about it, you can always have Linn check it for you. The only thing is, Linn has informed me that Linn repairs must be handled through Linn dealers, which may be kind of tricky if you didn't buy from a Linn Dealer. Of course, you could offer to pay for the dealer's services in facilitating the return, but some dealers won't do that either. Don't think I'm anti-dealer here. In fact, my entire current system was purchased new. But I don't think I'd be very comfortable going into a dealer I hadn't done business with and asked them for help with a problem product.
I think that noise is normal,during playback there no noise.
Thank you.