I need opinions, Schhit Freya+ and an appropriate Amp

I have read good things about Schiit’s Freya Pre amp. I am building a "not to expensive" 2 channel system. Have already purchased speakers, Klipsch Forte III’s..... love em!I am considering Shiits "Class A Like" Aegir amp, either one at 20 watts per or 2 at 80 watts per.....in monoblock.

The other thing I am considering is going with tubes and looking at a Rogue 90 or a Rogue Atlas Magnum amp.
Does anybody have opinions based in fact or experience but I am no looking to purchase anything ridiculously expensive or in need of a complete overhaul. And interestingly I came across a pair of Rogue Monoblock 120’s which looked interesting!
So let loose and advise...lastly, I have not heard anything yet and am currently driving my Klipsch with a 45 year old Marantz 1038B and it sounds fabulous......call me a plebian!
check out the Decware "Integrated"


I had the Freya and Decware CSP3. I like the balanced input and output the  Freya had but the tubes were noisy.  The Decware was sweeter sounding and much preferred.  I sold the Freya.
Eag618, In my main system I also use a tube pre (Jolida Fusion) with a SS amp (BEL 1001 MK5). I also have (had) several Schiit products in house (headphone amps, DACs). So I agree with your approach with amplification and the value of Schiit products. The PrimaLuna question was more of a 'thinking outloud' moment.

Good luck in your search. 
I spent a fortune on the Primaluna gear, power tubes, NOS pre amp tubes from France, Great Britain, Belgium and the USA always trying to get more and when I plugged in my 44 year old Marantz one rainy day in March I decided it sounded better....personally I think PL is grossly over hyped.I got insane soundstage, tremendous clarity, almost perfect bass and extended highs to just laugh about.....it's on right now!
Just got my Saga preamp to my surprise it’s so good for my third system, I will buy the new Freya if ever I need one...
Some have whined about the Freya's noisy tubes but although those critics have been vocal, I think they're a tiny minority. My Freya is extremely low noise with any (including the supplied "mystery" Russian tubes) tubes I've stuck in the thing, and the new Freya + might be even better...a cool thing about Forte IIIs efficiency (as well as my Heresy IIIs) is you can try pretty much any amp including low wattage ones not appropriate for less efficient speakers.