I need advice/opinions for a nice bedroom system

I am soliciting ideas for a "pseudo-bedroom" system, and I want to keep it as simple as possible--cdp w/ volume control (or w/o into an integrated), tube amp, most likely monitors (De Capos come to mind), and cabling. I say psuedo because it would be adjacent to the bedroom in a master-retreat (12x12') type of area. I want to come in under $4500. Intended listening would be vocals, jazz/instrumental, classical and perhaps the occasional uptempo stuff (for getting ready in the morning!;) Ideally this smallish system could generate some occasional spl's if need be. (I should also point out that I have dissasembled my main system and may need to feed an occasional dynamic "fix") Please hit me with any and all suggestions, and just remember the budget. Points for creativity and I am shying away from analog for simplicity's sake. Thanks!
System 1: DVD player as transport, Birdland DAC w/volume control, pair ATC SCM-10 active speakers. No tubes here, sorry!

System 2: JoLida JD-100 CD Player, JoLida JD-302B tube integrated amp, Buggtussel Cingulate speakers. Substitute JD-1000A integrated for greater dynamics.

Disclaimer - I sell this stuff.

These systems both sound quite good at low volume levels, which is important for a bedroom system. A particularly important component is a loudspeaker system with good low-level articulation and a smooth tonal balance without midrange peaks. I do a lot of low volume listening myself.

System 3 (made up of stuff I don't sell but am familiar with and like): Arcam Alpha 9 CD player, Rogue Tempest integrated amp, Silverline SR-15 speakers.

Best of luck in your quest!

Linn Classik with a pair of ProAc Tablettes or Totem speakers would be a great bedroom system and come in under $2k to boot. Leave you some cash for a nice pair of headphones.
You could get a synthesis system (CD, amp, preamp and speakers)... Small Footprint, good sound for the price and well within your budget...

Best REgards
Pathos acoustics Classic One integrated running either Meadowlark Audio Swifts or B&W Nautilus 805's or Revel M20's. CD player could be a Meridian 506.24 or a Sony 9000 so you could have a DVD player also. That would leave you a little money for cables if you bought used.
Have to switch to solid state...but Spendor 3/5s,Rega Brio,and Rega Planet is a nice combo my local dealer has in a small room...roughly 3k with tax,stands,etc...these also pop up used from time to time...good luck
In a room not unsimilar to yours I am totally happy using the 3a Royal Virtuoso connected to the Cary 300- SE-LX-20 monoblock connected to a older Sony top model w volume control, ( $4,000+6,000+1,000 ). Moving down in price would be simple for me. The 3a De Cappo would be connected to a 300b SE based integrated amp (Antique Sound Lab?) wich, since it alwraidy have a volume control, give me more option for selecting the cd player, ( and eventual tuner, etc). Basically, $2,500+ 1,500+ 500 . Altought I would miss my analog rig, I would appreciate the added simplicity of it all. It would preserve a hight degre of what I value the most in term of the natural delevery of sounds and the artistique intention behind it. Et voila!
Ditto the Linn Classik. The cool thing about the classik is that it also has an alarm clock! The perfect thing for a bedroom system. Of course, for the money, it sounds great.
Linn Classik. For speakers listen to the B & W CM-2, they sound great with the Classik.
Great ideas folks, Linn Classik seems to be a popular choice here, and I did not know about the alarm clock--that is too cool. Pboutin and I are on a very similar page. Thanks to everyone, and keep em' coming! Dave