I love my VPI Scout

But always have the upgrade bug. Are the may upgrades worth the cost or should I just a new table, like the Classic? Thanks.
Get an HRS isolation stand for it.
You could buy a new TT, but what phono preamp and cartridge are you using? Those things can make as large a difference as buying a new TT...
Upgraded from the scout and couldn't be happier. The classic is better all around in terms of dynamic and bass.
I've had both the Scout and the Classic with all the upgrades TTWeights sells and the differences aren't that noticable. Howver, I do have a custom wall-mount shelf I made out of oak plywood, trimmed out in oak. It is a perfect size for the Scout and has a 2" thick maple insert that is decoupled from the shelf and sits on 4 adjustable points. The shelf also will hold a 5" high component such as a cd player, and has room for turntable accessories in a mostly enclosed area between the two. The unit is 20" wide, 13" tall, 18" deep, and mounts to the studs using four 4" lag bolts. The difference in having the table on an average stand vs. the wall-mount shelf is greater than the some of all the above upgrades. There are NO floor vibrations transmitted and I can't make the table howl at any volume or bass output. Plus, you can hang it at any comfortable height for you to play records. Even if your wall is not straight, you can get the turntable to be dead on level in all directions with the adjustable points under the maple base. Email if you are intersted. I also have one that is slightly larger custom made for a Classic. Same design.
I agree. I do not hear much difference between the Scout and the Classic. I did hear a difference between the Scout and the Aries. I think the Aries is better than the Scout. IMO. Others may think otherwise
You want to upgrade put a SYMPOSIUM ULTRA STEALTH stand under your table get better bass,stage etc.