Using a Cork turntable mat on VPI Scout

The VPI Scout turntable does not come with a turntable record mat, and I am thinking of making a mat out of Cork for my VPI Scout. I saw some 12" square Cork mat at Home Depot and I am thinking of getting one to use as a record mat. Does anyone have any idea about using a cork record mat on VPI turntables? Does the mat make it sounds better or not?
I tried the same piece your talking about on my Thorens TD 160 and found it kinda sucked the life out a bit..It was fun to try though.....May work better for you..
When you're done , report back Certainly you can't hurt anything..don't make anything permenant
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I use a spot mat (9 small cork circles on a closed foam 11 3/4" circle). Cost about 3 dollars to make and try. I love the sound of it. Also makes it easy to take the record off the platter. YMMV but it is cheap to try.
I've considered a mat for playing 7" records that have large holes since you cannot use the clamp. The records tend to spend loosely on the platter. They play OK, but they are difficult remove from the platter.
Mats are a BIG mistake on a VPI turntable. The sound is perfectly balanced on their platters. Put on a mat and you will distort it.
And the record will never lay as flat with a mat.

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