I Can't Stop Playing This Song

Steely Dan's "Lunch With Gina". At least 50 times in the past week alone.

Keith Carlock is a monster, Fagen's synth solo is as good as it gets and then there's those rhythm guitars!
Coffee and a kiss
Maybe later maybe never
Lunch with Gina...
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I agree, Onhwy61. It's a great song by a great band. I saw them in Las Vegas, but they didn't play this one.
Hey, I was at the Vegas show at the Mandalay, great show.
Agreed! The whole album is fantastic!! Although I like "Blues Beach" better :-)
My favorite is "Green Book".. haunting, like a Ray Bradbury short story.. "The new cashier looks like Jill St. John; can that be right?"
I wish they'd come out with another concert DVD, with Carlock in it as he was absolutley stunning to watch. An octopus - he had to have more than 6 arms. Amazing.
Dreadful sound however - take-your-head-off bright - Donald - who's mixing for you? As I type, I have on Showbiz Kids, another greatest hits compilation that I bought today, as I've worn out 2-3 of their Greatest Hits CD's.
If there was only one band I could listen to from now on, it would be the Dan.
could be an early symptom of ocd.
I have to play this record more!
I heartily agree with the desire for another DVD. The first one is the really good. There are more classics to add such as My Old School, Aja, Gaucho, Reelin in the Years, and Deacon Blues.
So many great cuts on this CD. Things I Miss the Most is a sly breakup song.

The talk
The sex
Somebody to trust
The comfy Eames chair
The good copper pans
The 54 Strat
These are the things I miss the most

How poignant. Reminds me of a rather well represented demographic on Audiogon!
Steely Dan has the rare ability to create hypnotic, catchy, rythmic grooves that invite repeated listening, listening, listening..............................................!!
When I grow up I want the superb cynicism and mensa level sarcasm of Donald Fagen. For 30 years I've laughed at or with his lyrics. Due to this thread I have Two Against Nature rotating.
Any favorite lyrics from the old days? When I'm down I put on Black Friday maybe it's just the absurdness that I enjoy.
As a point of reference, here's a link to the lyrics and another link to a tabbed guitar version.

To Rx8man's point, Steely Dan got that cool psychotic thing, the one you know so well.
Oh, EMG is a great LP. I have my ideas, but I'd like to here some interpretations of the lyrics in Pixeleen (female background lyrics, too!).
Onhwy61, that's a great link !

BTW: What's the speed limit on Highway 61 ?
"Anyone left on the Rio Grande is the king of the world, as far as I know.."
sadly EMG was mostly ignored by the masses

saw them in Albuquerque excellent show
and Raleigh on the TaN tour

Pixileen is about a cyber reality godess ala Laura Craft

see ole's classic ode to Steely Dan translations
fever dreams
click on the album of your choice for in depth song discussion

I don't find EMG quite up to TAN, but it sure is fun. I'd listen to either one 50 times before I'd make it all the way through Gaucho once. (Aja's still the peak.)

"Things I Miss the Most" is my favorite on EMG. But I don't find it so much poignant, like Jayboard, because it's so damned unromantic. He misses the talk, yes, and the sex (who wouldn't?), but it's clear that she was loaded, and the majority of what he misses are things her houses on Martha's Vinyard and the Gulf coast, the Audi TT, and yes those nice pans. (I prefer All-Clad myself.) He has the things he misses itemized, and they have little to do with her, but instead with her stuff. But I guess it can be unromantic and still poignant. Poor guy was having sex in the house on the Vinyard, and now he's curling up with a girlie magazine. Almost brings a tear.
Onhwy61 - Keith Carlock maybe a monster, but it didn't hurt to have Chris Potter's sax on this cut.

If you're looking for something else to play, get the Chris Potter Quartet- "Lift- Live at the Village Vanguard."

Also, the SD CD sounds better after a spin on the Audio Desk Systeme. With a little trim, Gina is a knockout,
but "hey where have I been?"
Kana813, every performance on the song is wonderful, I specifically mentioned Carlock because prior to this album I had never heard of him. That's my loss. Chris Potter needs no introduction, he's an artist, a pioneer, and we got to have some music in the new frontier.
Judasmac, I should have used a smirk emoticon after my "poignant" comment.
"Chris Potter needs no introduction, he's an artist, a pioneer, and we got to have some music in the new frontier."

Onhwy61- The new frontier also includes CP's recent work on McPartland & Friends "85 Candles," and David Binney's "South." Drop me off in Groovetime.