Hydra vs. Ensemble

Anybody heard the Hydra as well as the Ensemble Mega Powerpoint? If so, can you recommend one, or differentiate?


Jeff- I haven't heard either, though I have been wanting to get my hands on a Hydra, those things are rare and there is a 8 week wait if you want one new. I did demo for a couple of weeks the Sound Application CF-X line conditioner. This thing is amazing in my system, it is as significant an improvment as anything I have ever heard. The only problem is they are 4200.00 without the powercord. If you are looking for the end all power conditioner it might be worth checking in to. You can check it out and read the reviews at soundapplication.com
Jeff- I ran a thread asking about the CF-X line conditioner and a guy responede who had tried both the Hydra and CF-X. He thought the CF-X wass better, but probably not worth the extra money. I bet you can find it if you run a search on either Sound Application or CF-X