Need evaluation info on Ensemble Megaflux...

Has anyone had an opportunity to seriously evaluate the Ensemble Megaflux FSF speaker cables? There isn't much feedback in the threads on this top-of-the-line speaker cable. I found a fairly positive review on it done a couple of years ago in Soundstage where it was compared comparably with the AZ Satori, but was a little "sweeter" sounding. But then it is 3 times the price.Thanks for the input.
As far as I can tell, you can't beat the price/performance of Megaflux. You can get better sound but not unless you go to something like Siltech G-5 at way more money. Same goes for their Dynaflux interconnects and their power cords. Their stuff seems to be synergistic; the more pieces you put in your system, the better the sound gets. The quality of the sound is strikingly neutral. Not light, not dark, not etched, not caramel nor overly sweet. It's no good as a tone control but, if you've got good components, it'll tell the truth.
John is right about the synergy of Ensemble cables and power conditioning products. I have replaced most everything else I was using with Ensemble in two systems. I have the Megaflux speaker cables in both these systems. It replaced Transparent Reference and Transparent Ultra XL, which I had been using for years because I loved the smooth rich sound, which some think too dark, but I found perfect for my speakers, other gear, and tastes. I had listened to a lot of cables before I settled on the Transparent, which was quite expensive, even used or demo. Then I had the opportunity to try the Ensemble speaker cables, which cost less than half the Transparent stuff. The sound was superb, I didn't give up anything, and the experience led me to start replacing my Transparent interconnects and finally add Ensemble power cords and line conditioner. I haven't used any other cables since then (about 2 years now). For the price, esp. if you can find a pair used, you should give the speaker cables a try. To confuse things a little, I've lately been reading and hearing about the Sonoron line of cables (by the same company that makes the Sistrum rack, which I also use). They are also quite inexpensive and said to be great sounding. But I don't think I'm going to start auditioning a new cable again, since I'm so satisfied with the Ensemble synergy I have now. It's bad/confusing enough trying out different CD and SACD players all the time. I'm really content with my cables, which I've used with all kinds of other gear now.
I haven't tried the ensemble- I can say I like my Siltech G3 VERY MUCH and I'm afraid the Ensemble or Siltech G5 will sound better!