Small Classical Ensemble with Double Bass?

Hate to take everyone away from their Beatles...

I was listening to a string trio today, thinking "this would be better if there was some bottom". Anyone know of any small classical sting ensembles with double-bass? A quartet, maybe even something with piano? Anything interesting?

Here are some, but a few you may have to work to find:

Dvorak, "String Quintet in G, op77" - Dvorak Qt, Frantisek -db, Supraphon 50 186 (LP)

Rossini, "Sonate a Quatro" for 2 violins, cello and double bass - Salvatore Accardo -vn, S.Gazeau -vn, A.Meunier -vc, F.Petracchi -db - Philips 4769648 (2LPs) (a superb performance and recording)

Schubert, "String Quintet in A, op114 (Trout Quintet)" (lots of choices for this work)

"Dragonetti Lives!" - music by Domenico Dragonetti (1763-1846) for double bass, cello and piano - with Bertram Turetzky playing bass on Takoma C 1042 (LP)
Get your self a copy of "Tea Time Ensemble" volumes 1 & 2.

These are "out of print" but you can get them used on Amazon, though they can be pricey.

They are stunning recordings of a string quartet (one a double bass) plus piano. The music is light classical and period pieces. The recordings are absolutely wonderful and the musicianship excellent.
This is definitely not a double bass group BUT have a CD of some Handel trio sonatas which are combinations of
2 oboes and Basso continuo, or oboe, basson, contrabass and basso coninuo. First oboe is Heinz Holliger. It is a Denon CD out of Japan with all japanese writing inside so can't give much else but there is definietly some bass there.

Saint Saens' Basson Sonata will also give your system a fine work out on the bass side. There are a number of good ones available
George Onslow wrote several quintets and sextets and a Nonet that include the double bass. Though forgotten for much of the 20th Century, his reputation has been undergoing a renaissance in recent years.
I was able to track down the Rossini, the Dvorak and I have the Onslow on order. The Rossini in particular is lovely, if a bit light.

BTW is a fantastic resource.
Grimace - The Schubert Trout Quintet is the real winner in this list. A wonderful piece. I have a recording by Andras Schiff which I like a lot but there are many good versions.
Schubert Trout Quintet: