AMR CD77 vs Ensemble Dirondo Drive/Dichrono Hi-DAC

Has anyone compared these two?

The Ensemble pairing is considerably more expensive
I don't know about Ensemble Drive pairing with HQ DAC but AMR CD77 is one of the best Red Book reproductions that I have heard. Build like a tank and sound of the MUSIC..... yes music. No other word to describe its awsome quality of rendering CDs. It is one of a kind cdp that I would be proud to own if I could only calibrate my printer to make those perfect bills.
Hi Robn, I saw this a few days ago but didn't post because I have no experience with the Ensemble. Since you getting little response, here is my 2 cents; I do own the latest CD77 with Audyn output cap and agree with Mrjstark. It has the rare ability to allow all of the music and details thru as a harmonious and natural flow. A player for both audiophiles and music lovers. Extremely natural, dynamic and life like with my set based system. It betters my previously owned AA Capitole Mk II SE, but just as that did, it has reinvented my cd collection. That being said, at this level of player it becomes the slightly different portrayal
of the different top contenders and of couse becomes Listener, system and room dependent. The AMR is definately worthy of an audition. Good luck.
Thanks for the replys.

The Ensemble is a 'precise' sounding player with good controlled bass but the the overall sound is rather light.I would prefer a fuller sound.I prefer my Marantz CD12 (unmodified)to the Ensemble.The DAC in the AMR is the same as the Marantz (but is a non crown version of the TDA1541a).

How much difference do the filter setting have on the AMR?

Does it get hot?
It does get a little warm, but certainly not hot. You can touch any part after hours of play without any sort of discomfert. The chamber for the transport seems to get slightly warmer than anything else.

The filter options is kinda cool, in that you can change on the fly while the music is playing, the change is instantaneous and without any thumps or pop sounds.

For the most part the Master II default is definately the prefered setting. I have found that on some remastered cd's that were recorded in the 50-60's, especially jazz or rock that were recorded with close mic;...that the 2x or 4x filter is a nice improvement, especially with regards to soundstaging being more natural. I also have some 24bit/96kHz remasters where I use the 96 or 192 filter.
But I use the Master II with 90-95% of my cd's.

I have it paired with set amplification and 101dB speakers, and I believe the ditributor Darren of Avatar Acoustics mates it with Karan ss amps. Either he or Thorsten could talk volumes over the difference between the crown & non-crown version of the TDA1541. Or do a search on the AA site, there was some intelligent post's from last year. I haven't heard the Marantz CD12 that you have.

If you have the oppertunity to demo, make sure that it has 500+ hours, big difference.

Hope this all helps.

I'm getting an AMR CD77 for a week home demo
Love to hear what think after a week.
Sounds good so far on Digital Master 1 or 2

The transport on this demo unit is a little noisy when it searches for the next track or when you press stop and the mechanism returns to the default position.It's quiet when playing tracks
That was fast, you must have a dealer close by.
I believe that the noise you mention is a quirk of the cd77, as mine has always done the same.

I realized that I had to readjust my speaker set up slightly after the cd77 was added (moved them about 4" farther apart). Also it does take at least 48 hours in standby or play mode b4 it settles in and you might detect
that the presentation totally relaxes after a week of play.

Do you have yours in Standby all the time?

BTW this unit has around 500hrs on it
I notice that the drawer cover stiffens up a bit when the the unit is warm.Is this normal?
Yes, standby whenever it is not in use. Small amount of current except in the tube stage, so that it sounds it's best within minutes of turn on.

If you mean a slight sticking when you go to slide it open;
yes, I have noticed that also. Believe it to be that a very slight vacum is created in the chamber... but just guessing.

And on mine... I can not close the drawer completely; to the point it touches the front, I have to stop just a bit shy, but that may be a quirk of my machine. (If I do, it reads that the door is open)
I now have my CD77 now in titanium,no sticking drawer when warm

BTW the output caps are now Audyn rather than MCap

Your door should not stick, in fact it sounds like your door censor may have come loose and is effecting your ability to close the door or read its position properly. It could have happened in shipping or it could be several other things but it shouldn't be doing that.

Why don't you call your dealer or Avatar Acoustics, the distributor as I'm sure they will work with you to correct the problem.

Avatar's web-site address is and you can get the contact information there if you can't get this resolved with your dealer.

I'm not sure who your dealer is and you should go there first but Darren and Bonnie at Avatar are great people to work with too if you can't get it resolved by your dealer.
Appreciate the input Jjurzec, but I way over stated that. It is more like a very slight resistance when I go to slide the door open and does seem to be a slight vacum affect; it is barely noticeable and is only on rare occasion. Certainly not an issue for me. The censor is intact. I actually did speak with Darren and knowledgeable as he is, he immediately suggested the cause and a simple solution. Even though it doesn't bother me in the least, he was concerned about it.
Ludimagis you should have your player looked at, a piece costing so much should not have such issues and who knows what this could lead to next.
Thanks for your advise, but I assure you i have no issues with it, and I'm certain that it won't lead to further problems. Somehow my innocent statement has been totaly misunderstood, my player looks and sounds sublime!
It is a shame that you didn't see this thread earlier and posted some advise to Robn who actually asked for some info.