Hybrid Integrated Amps: Any Good?

I have the opportunity to purchase a Bada dc-222 for around $400. It's a tube pre/solid state power integrated amp. Part of me says, "Wow, tube and solid-state, best of both worlds," while another part of me says, "Sounds like a gimmick and compromise that is going to be the worst of both worlds." Thoughts?
These can be fabulous sounding and a great way to get tube sound into speakers that otherwie aren't tube friendly (or which would require more tube power than you can afford). But it is all in the implementation. Don't know the Bada so can't comment on it.

I also have had great experiences with separates that are hybrids. Really love my hybrid Musical Fidelity kW preamp, and my hybrid Butler 2250 power amp.

These hybrids may not give you the ultimate of what is considered "tube" or "SS" sound, but they also tend to avoid some of the weaknesses that are commonly associated with tubes and solid state designs as well. A matter of what mix of qualities in what proportions works best for your system and your personal preferences.
I have a Butler Audio TDB-5150 pwoering my 5.1 surround system and it sound marvelous. Read up on BK Butler's designs, they are revolutionary - and patented...


Hybrid designs are very interesting indeed, i have used the jolida 1301 and the EE minimax. Both units have been well regarded among audiophiles.
I bought a Unison Research Unico hybrid integrated amp when they first came out and had it for a couple of years. A very nice sounding amp. The hybrid design concept can work very well if implemented properly.
Another vote of confidence, I have the Pathos Inpol2, a 50watt Class A hybrid integrated. I can't recall a better amp in my system.
Another very satisfied Unison Research Unico user here. Don't ask how many different amps I've owned because I can't remember them all. The little Unison just may be the one to end my search. For now anyway.
I have a Pathos Classic One hybrid and very much like it. The idea of a hybrid is not that strange. A lot of people, including myself, run a tube pre-amp with a solid state amp. It gives you some of the tube feeling, without the hassle of a tube power amp. I think most hybrids also try to have a tube like power amp, for example using mosfets, rather than going for highly detailed output. I do not know the Bada, but hybrids are not just a gimmick. Well designed ones really can work.

One thing to be careful of is "hybrids" that have solid state preamp and poweramp sections and a tube buffer. To me these are not really hybrid amps. A tube buffer does not deliver the same sound as a tube preamp. If the spec says you can switch the tube in and out, then it is just a tube buffer. I would stay away from that design.
Loaned once Unico and it seemed to me that I sit in Ferrary driven by asian lady.
I like Counterpoint amps and Joule that seem more like Ford or Chevy driven by Michael Schumacher:-)
I am pleased to see that most of the posts acknoledge the point that a tube input or pre section of an SS amp, does not mean the amp sounds like a tube power amp. The tube effect goes beyond tone, it is the tube's ability to yeild a beautiful 3D soundscape. The SS output seems to flatten the image IMHO of course, YMMV etc.
Another vote in favor of hybrids. I love my Valve Audio Predator.

Thanks guys! I'm also worried that the unit doesn't have tone controls, and that I'm currently using the tone controls on the amp I have now. Should I be worried about that?
Dtc, you may want to consider doing as I have done, secure a second unit and run the Classic One in Mono mode. This hybrid integrated is far better Mono than stereo, and will transform your rig as well as your listening experience. :) See my system pics for more insight.

I reviewed the Classic One MkII and MkIII in stereo and Mono mode for Dagogo.com, purchased them and continue to use them. At some point I may sell them if I move to another echelon of performance, but that would take quite a bit of money, perhaps more than $10K MSRP.
Doug - I use the Classic One in my bedroom system to drive Sonus Faber Concerto (originals). Given the usage, I am happy with the stereo mode. My main system is a Cary SLP-05 with a Mark Levinson 432 driving Sonus Faber Cremona (original). I am very happy with the Cary/Levinson combination and I am not sure that mono Classic ones would outperform my current setup. But thanks for the suggestion.
07-14-12: Malcolmreynolds21
Thanks guys! I'm also worried that the unit doesn't have tone controls, and that I'm currently using the tone controls on the amp I have now. Should I be worried about that?

The answer, IMHO, to tone controls is to get a amp/speaker combo that has nice tone. If it doesn't, then you've bought the wrong equipment. All tone controls do is heighten or lessen the balance between tones; they can't improve the quality of tone, which is what you buy a high end amp FOR. :)

Good luck in your search. I'm considering the Jolida 1301 myself as a 'summer amp.'

pathos classic one mk2 is a nice hybrid amp i think they made mk3 now