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need DNM-like bi-wire
thanks gents 
Tekton vs Decware
No, Thanks for the response -- I'd actually forgotten I even started this thread. I think you misunderstood how I felt about the Tekton sound -- they were a bit too "in your face" for my taste. I ended up w/ the MG944s, which I much prefer -- a mu... 
reco speaker cables for Ohm Walshes?
I tried some Cardas and Morrows with my 2.2000 & ended up going w/ Signal Cable Silver Ref, which would be in your budget range as well.B 
Ohm Walsh Micro Talls: who's actually heard 'em?
With regards to amps, I tried a couple of different things w/ my 2.2000's and finally arrived at a Valve Audio Predator, which I heartily recommend as a good match for Ohms. The Predators aren't all that easy to find, but they are at least reasona... 
Tube upgrades for Jolida 502B?
I have the 502Crc (the integrated version of this amp) and verified w/ Mike Allen at Jolida that it is okay to run 120s in it (& they sound great in mine).B 
Stager Silver Solid interconnects
Couldn't agree more -- I replaced some Morrows w/ the Stagers and am very pleased with them. 
Tekton vs Decware
Mj, Thanks for the suggestion, but corner horns aren't really an option.B 
Selling dispute. Please comment.
I realize that the buyer is technically in the right here, as the item was advertised as coming w/ a manual, but come on -- how much of a manual do you even need for mono blocks? This isn't some complicated A/V receiver or all-in-one disk player, ... 
Help me buy some new cables....
You may have already dealt with this issue, but have you bought upgraded power cords yet? I ask b/c changing pc's seems to make a bigger difference in my systems than changing IC's or SC's & -- if you are on a tight budget -- you might want to... 
Upgrade my Ohm Walsh 2
Jed, The upgrade includes 5-way binding posts. I'm no handy man, but the upgrade process was pretty simple, even for me. When I called Ohm to discuss it John told me they don't charge for labor if you bring in your Ohms for the upgrade b/c its so ... 
Zu Omen or Tekton Lore
I'm no pro reviewer, so I'm sorry I can't throw all the lingo at you, but I'll respond as I'm guessing you are refering to my post. You do not need "the best recorded material" -- the M-Lores are rather forgiving actually b/c they don't try to giv... 
Zu Omen or Tekton Lore
My M-Lores arrived yesterday morning and after 10 hours or so of break-in I'd say that review is pretty accurate. These aren't speakers for those who love either highly compressed pop music (which will sound off)or ultimate clinical detail, but if... 
Best Two-Way Monitor Speakers under $700 New/Used
I'd suggest your friend take a look at Tekton -- they make great speakers (including stand mounts) in his price range.Batch 
Tekton Lore with ...?
How about a Leben CS300? 
Driver/Input tubes
Jed, You want to get matched gain. I'd recommend balanced triodes as well, but that one is not as essential. I wouldn't worry too much about the other options. And Tom is correct that the pre-amp tubes on that Jolida are the 12AX7s and they will m...