Hum...ZYX with Tom Evans Groove Need suggestions

Hi all, I need help with with hum I'm getting from my ZYX Airy 3 and Tom Evans Groove combo. Never had hum issues before with a number of other phono's I've had. The hum is louder on the left side than right, and if the Groove didn't sound so good I would've gotten rid of it. Thanks in advanced.
Have you tried using a cheater plug or grounding system to center screw on AC outlet? Grounding problems are notoriously quirky and extensive trial and error is often required.
try moving the groove around a bit. it might be catching inteference from the power supply of another component. this happened to my groove plus and my zyx universe. try moving around the interconnects as well.
Thanks for your responses.
Stanwal, yes I have tried cheater plugs. Can you explain more on grounding system to center screw on AC outlet.
I have connect the tonearm ground wire to different places in my system with no improvement.

G_m_c, I have moved the Groove around different locations on my rack and away from the Michell's power supply which did lessen the hum. But it's still louder than what I had with other phonos. It appeared the Groove easily picked up noises from power supplies.

Any other ideas I should try?
have you troubleshot the rest of your system? swap interconnects to see if the left side still has more hum. the ground from your tonearm should ground to the ground lug on the back of the groove. doublecheck all connections, from the catridge on up the chain.. etc. the cartridge/phono pre combo you have are top notch. there is an issue elsewhere, or you have a defective component.
Check out this potentially helpful article on troubleshooting:
as GMC noted having the power supply in the wrong place will increase the hum. i found that out my self when rearranging my rack. problem solved by moving it around for the quietest location. good luck and enjoy the music
Yes, I have tried different interconnects with different geometries, the slight hum remains. A fellow on a different forum recommended that I open up and add another ground to the Groove which I have done but it didn't improve. I will probably be moving the Groove out and away from my audio rack all together, I currently have the power supply of my mono blocks and preamp in close proximity. I have heard others with hum issues with the Groove, wonder if they ever got it figured out.
I had the same problem with the Groove, although the sound was great. I later got rid of it and now own the Aesthetix Io Signature; which is a step up and no hum.
I bet your issue is with the power supply being too close. I had the same issue and when I moved the power supply further away the noise went away. I love the amp but hated the hum. Fixed now though. Good luck!
Thanks for all the input guys...haven't had a chance to try your suggestions due to my busy schedule.

Connorjr33, was it your amp or preamp power supply that was causing the hum?
I did get the hum resolved today!!!
Moved the amps away from the Groove, the hum remained. So I moved the preamp further away from the Groove by switching places with the CD player on the rack. The system is much quieter now...the Groove is not the most quiet of phono's I've had but it does sound fantastic.
The hum was from the preamp power supply being too close.
Thanks all!
that is great. congratulations. i wonder what generation Lithos power filtering you have in your unit. you can email tom evans with the serial number and he can tell you.
Any Groove phono stage with a serial # after around 150 has the latest Lithos 7 filtering. Any before this uses the Lithos 6. Tom doesn't give info on what the exact specific serial number cut off point is when this change took place.