HT reciever help

I am looking to change my living room 2 channel setup into a HT setup for dvd, sacd and dvda playback and need help finding a reciever. My budget would be used ~$500-1000. My main concern is sound quality and the ability to drive 4ohm speakers. Any ideas? Thanks
look for SOUND QUALITY and "EASE OF USE". I did the same thing and regretted it and now run two seperate systems in the same room and will look again sometime in the future when I have more time and $.
Try Outlaw Audio.
Brandon - Are you looking for something new for this price or use?

If new, Arcam and Cambridge Audio are excellent products that will easily outperform many on the market. If you're looking at something used, then head straight for Meridian. Option 2 would be Tag Maclaren (although they are out of business). Option 3 would be something used of the above mentioned, Arcam and Cambridge.

This may require your to do a little "homework" but it will be more than worth it in the end. Besides, if you take this route, and get things setup right, you'll more than likely start listening in MC.
Easy Arcam AVR-200, sounds great, and its at the low end of your budget ~$600.00 used. I cant remeber if it has 5.1 inputs for DVD-A /SACD (i think it does) I only use SACD and in 2 channel only.
Thanks for the replies. Arcam is one I did not think of and after reading some reviews it sounds like what I am looking for. If I can find one I think I'll give that a try. Thanks again.
I just wish the Arcams had two multi-channel inputs, since I have HDDVD and universal audio players.
I just looked on the back of the AVR-200 I am currently using and it has a 5.1 input (only one though).