Computer to Reciever ?

I have a friend who wants to hook up a laptop computer to his 5 year old Denon reciever. What is the most simple, cost effective way to do this while maintaining good sound quality? Thank you for any suggestions!
iTunes with Apple Express and a min to RCA adaptor (provided the PC has a wireless card)
Get a Squeezebox which can be connected with CAT6 cable(the same that is used for DSL or it can even work wireless.
Trends Audio USB dac. Under $100.
It works for me.Also quality is very good. Easy plug/play setup. Connect your l-top with a usb and use analog or digital out from Trends to your reciver.
Sounds easy! Thanks for the help!I'll try the squeezebox or the Trends Audio.
You can use a headphone jack adaptor that splits into L&R Female jacks and run the interconnects into reciever, I have done that before and it works great, not super great but hey its only $5.00......try it.
An M-Audio Transit. It converts USB to TosLink for under $100. If I remember right it gets it power from the USB port.
Hey Mik;

Just a minor warning. I love my squeezebox....but understand it won't play itunes downloaded music.

Not a problem for me...I just want to listen to my total random order.
Anyone using the Trends Audio USB dac on a PC? Do you need to use the ASIO driver also?

Most of the files I have are 320K bit rate. How do these sound for non-critical listening?

I have way to many tunes to use FLAC or WAV files.
You do not need any drivers with Trends USB DAC.
Sounds good.
Got my Son of Ampzilla rebuilt, and it came back today. I am having way to good a time listening to tunes off the CD player to worry about DAC.

Thanks for all your comments!


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I just got a Blue Circle USB Thingee DAC. $169 new.
No need to use the ASIO driver under Windows XP.