Computer to Reciever ?

I have a friend who wants to hook up a laptop computer to his 5 year old Denon reciever. What is the most simple, cost effective way to do this while maintaining good sound quality? Thank you for any suggestions!
iTunes with Apple Express and a min to RCA adaptor (provided the PC has a wireless card)
Get a Squeezebox which can be connected with CAT6 cable(the same that is used for DSL or it can even work wireless.
Trends Audio USB dac. Under $100.
It works for me.Also quality is very good. Easy plug/play setup. Connect your l-top with a usb and use analog or digital out from Trends to your reciver.
You can use a headphone jack adaptor that splits into L&R Female jacks and run the interconnects into reciever, I have done that before and it works great, not super great but hey its only $5.00......try it.
An M-Audio Transit. It converts USB to TosLink for under $100. If I remember right it gets it power from the USB port.
Hey Mik;

Just a minor warning. I love my squeezebox....but understand it won't play itunes downloaded music.

Not a problem for me...I just want to listen to my total random order.
Anyone using the Trends Audio USB dac on a PC? Do you need to use the ASIO driver also?

Most of the files I have are 320K bit rate. How do these sound for non-critical listening?

I have way to many tunes to use FLAC or WAV files.
Got my Son of Ampzilla rebuilt, and it came back today. I am having way to good a time listening to tunes off the CD player to worry about DAC.

Thanks for all your comments!


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I just got a Blue Circle USB Thingee DAC. $169 new.
No need to use the ASIO driver under Windows XP.