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Long run USB and other questions...
USB is rated to run only 5 meters but there are USB cables with built in boosters. They run off the power in the USB bus. Typically they claim runs up to 75 feet. Iomega makes one. I have this setup. It is something over 30 feet in length and work... 
Modern day female jazz recommendations
I haven't seen anyone mention Sandy Sasso. She is great. Start with Mixed Grill. I have been using Tuxedo Junction for speaker auditions and have won her fans in the process. I suspect VMPS may be using that song to show off their speakers now. An... 
Amplification for Totem Forests
When I had the Forests I ran them using CI Audio D200's. They sounded just fine. 
Copper foil
Before you start claiming that skin effect is significant above a few kHz do the calculations. The effect is vanishingly small in the kHz range. I speak as someone who works in the GHz range 
It's 2008. Why aren't there better options ?
Not true about partial albums and FLAC. I do it all the time. I set up EAC to do it. I just pick and choose what I want to rip.The thing that blows me away about most servers is their ridiculous price and tiny HDDs. How can anyone sell a $10K serv... 
Copper foil
I always start at McMaster-Carr for things like that 
Definition of "redbook" and "Prat" ?
PRAT - I know the acronym and the foot tapping reference. I certainly know about how some systems set your foot tapping and some leave you cold. But Pacing, Rhythm, and Timing? I don't understand how this is affected by the reproduction equipment.... 
Need reco for IC to tame a bit of
I have had very good luck with MAC palladium ICs. I am not particularly impressed with the differences that cables make but I have to admit that the palladiums did tame the glare some in my system. It was a case of my experience matching the reviews. 
Cable connection
Since the big advantage of balanced is to eliminate any noise picked up by the cable then it would make sense to use it where ever you can. Though the lengths of cables we use for audio setups are so short I have to wonder if balanced would make a... 
Best Towers Under $4,000 / pair
That is a good price point. Consider the VMPS RM-30s. That is what I settled on. I also liked the Totem Acoutic Forests and Martin Logans. Tetra makes a nice little speaker in that range. And you really should consider the Zen Acoustic Adagios. Co... 
Source for infrared receiver sensor
try or 
Better sound with cable box or Squeezebox Duet?
I don't have your cable box, but I am willing to bet it will sound much better. PC Radio is usually very heavily compressed, low bit rate. 
future of 2 channel CD sound
I would say that there will not be one, at least not for now. The populus does not seem especially interested in better than CD sound. Add to that the fact that the music companies are going to try to hang DRM on any new format and I think new for... 
Mark Levinson Where is the Emotion??
I'll take a wild guess and say that the Levinson is the problem and that it goes for the "refined" sound. Unfortunately, often refined is boring. People listen for different things in audio. Look at Krell some people rave about their gear others, ... 
Is iPod Digital Output Possible?
Check out this Stereophile announcement for details on how this is done. It looks like we will be seeing more of these products in the future.