AV reciever as a pre? 2 Ch. amp for mains?

I have went the AV route and bought a Marantz SR 6003. I like it yet I noticed my main fronts don't quite have the speed and bass control as My Bel Canto integrated had.
Can I hook up nice amp to power the mains and have the Marantz power the rest of the speakers?

Does the Sr 6003 have preamp level output from the L/R channels? If so, yes.

sr6003 is bi-ampble....try doing that first and see if there is improvement in control/bass
Thanks for the idea. I have the front bi-amped already using the back surround channel ( a nice option that Marantz incorporated into the unit) since I am only using a 5.1 set up, it did help by the way but still not as good as I know it can be. That's the problem I suppose..I know how good it can be. The Marantz is a fine unit, easy to use, musical, plenty of options. It actually performs better than I expected.
I think I will try a seperate amp for the fronts as it does have the pre out jacks.