fisher 800-c tube reciever

recently i got a 800-c tube reciever for free and put $120 into getting it running. can anyone tell me how this piece rates compared to the "new generation " tube stuff in the market (jolida,golden tube....)?
Good luck finding parts
The Fisher 800-C was quite a unit in its day -- it was the first really good of stereo equipment that I bought back in the mid-1960's. At that time, Avery Fisher still owned the company, and his equipment was some of the best of its day. As I recall, the sound of the 800-C was very musical, albeit euphonic and of limite power. I doubt it would compare well with the best tube equipment of today, but you have a nice piece audiophile "collectible", since the 800-C was one of the first receivers that was also of high quality. My advice is: enjoy your $120 investment on its own terms, without regard to how it compares to the much more expensive tube gear of today.
I still have my 800c , nice piece of work for 60's stuff . It's like Sd says , today they have more exotic hardware to tinker with to try to reproduce the elusive "origional" sound and I'm glad it's still persued . Enjoy Chris and if you ever sell , you still should get 2 to 3 times what you have into it . NO KIDDING !
Fisher had really good ears, and I can't tell you how many modern amps I have passed on in favor of his tiny 15 watt mono blocs. Receivers, however are always problematic because of their complexity. I'll bet that you find the FM section to sound awesome and the phono stage to be almost awesome and really musical if a bit less transparent than some others. Over all, I'll bet it sounds great- especially when compared to modern receivers. If you have the guts and budget, try other NOS tube. You may be even more surprised with the Fisher's capabilities.