5.1 Reciever

I'm going to update my combo listening  / TV room.
Currently running a Rotel RSX- 1067 driving a 5.1 B&W speaker system, Panasonic 50" plasma TV, Denon DVD.
Love the Rotel but.... NO HDMI so....   I'll be selling if interested, mint, 1 owner.
Buying a Sony 65" OLED TV, Opo or ??? Blu Ray, and perhaps a Marantz SR- 7012 or...??
Receiver needs to have minimum of 2 zones, second for outdoor speakers.

Suggestions, cautions, etc.....Thanks in advance, be safe.
Yamaha AVRs seem to have a very good combination of sound quality and reliability (some brands have had their share of issues that seem to surface just out of warranty, so beware), so I think that's a very good place to start.  Best of luck. 
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more help / direction / opinion please.
accessories4less has very good prices on mainstream avrs (yamaha, marantz, etc.)--as much as 75% off. i've always like yamaha and integra, though frankly i don't hear a ton of difference between the big players.