How to ship my speakers out of state

I have a pair of Revel Ultima Studio speakers and I am moving from New Jersey to Florida. I want to ship them but I'm trying to find a company that will ship them for a reaonable price. Since they each weigh 180 lbs in their cartons I can't ship them by UPS and FedEx because they only take up to 150 lbs. I wondered if anyone here would be able to tell me of a shipping or trucking company I can ship them with.
Thanks in advance
I recommend BAX Global if you can ship from a business. Their rates are very reasonable and they have been careful with my packages. Yellow Freight, which is another reasonably priced freight carrier, will pick up at a residence, and also allows you to drop off the package at their place of business. However, I used them once to send my speakers to the manufacturer for an upgrade, and the speakers, which were well packaged in their original boxes, arrived at their destination with the boxes beat up and the tweeters pushed in (fortunately, this was easily fixed). Accordingly, I can't endorse Yellow Freight. Hope this helps.
I have used Dayton Freight ( successfully twice to ship heavy speakers (160 lbs ea)and they did a fine job on each occasion. They do residence to residence shipping and are less expensive than some of the competition. Be aware if you use them, they do charge extra if you want a truck with a liftgate. In my case I just help the driver lift the speakers on to the truck rather than have a liftgate truck. You'll also have to see if they have a hub in your area and if they ship to your destination point. But they've been good.
A couple words of advice, from a both a fellow Studio owner and one who has shipped speakers before:

One, put both speaker boxes together, and wrap up with sturdy packing tape, to ensure they can not get separated.

Two, put the speakers on a pallet, and cut it to size, if necessary to fit the boxes perfectly, and then secure the boxes to the pallet. (FYI: my studios were shipped to me on such a pallet, so I am not sure if that was standard from Revel, or somebody at the dealer was just intelligent!)

Three, insure the speakers in such a way, that if one is damaged, they pay for both speakers. (Nothing worse than having half a pair of speakers!)

Good Luck!

PS Some of the freight companies (Including Bax, I believe) are starting to limit your insurance to $500 for a pair of speakers. Make sure you DON'T use those companies! Speakers are WAY too fragile to even think about shipping them without insurance!

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Yellow has spring ride trailers, I suggest air ride.
Most freight forwaders (i.e Yellow) use freight trucks (i.e spring-ride trucks) not air-ride trucks like moving van companies. Bax is an air freighter so that's not as big of an issue, as stated above they will not do residential pick-up, and will question any business pick-up that's not related product (i.e speakers from a law office). Through another poster here on a related thread I found Team Air. Now the final jury is still out cuz delivery is next Tuesday....but they were half the price of Bax, picked up at the non-business location (storage faciity) and use air-ride trucks for ground transport. So far, I highly recommend them......I'll repost later next week "the rest of the story". BTW, my stuff (speakers/stands) was 500 lbs.
I used Team Air to pick up and deliver 2 215# speakers earlier this Summer. Everything went as smoothly as I could have hoped. The seller and I agreed to purchase new crates and they arrived with only the slightest wear and I believe transit time was 5 days.

Plus, Team Air billed me. Trust, how antiquated.
It may be a pain, but I suggest you rent a van and drive them there yourself. Then you can be sure they receive the TLC they deserve. My 2 cents.
It has been years, but I bought my B&W800 from the east coast and had them shipped via FEDEX second day air.

Crated, they weight 768 pounds.

My experience was with BAX from New Jersey to Detroit. A pair of Coincidence Total Eclipse speakers weighing 176lbs. each arrived without any drama for a little over three hundred dollars for the pair, not bad. I'm not aware of an insurance limit on speakers now, as previously mentioned. I agree though with Madhf, if at all possible, move them yourself. Happy Listening!
Well, the rest of the story on TeamAir is: the speaker shipment (450 lb crate, 2 100 lb boxes) arrived from Portand, OR to Cleveland, OH in 4 days, in pristine condition, and were delivered last night. Everyone at TeamAir was very helpful, courteous and went the extra mile to explain all the charges to this amateur shipper. Net/net, air-ride quality at less than freight charges. They were hundreds less than anyone else, and provided the best solution. Highly recommended.