how to ship a large 160lb subwoofer?

i bought a subwoofer and my friend from another state is holding onto it and was wondering what's the best way to ship in terms of price? i'm getting ups and fedex freight quotes of $900 or so which is more than the subwoofer itself. people sell speakers, subs, and AV racks all the time on audiogon and there's gotta be a better way ... please help =T
Here's an idea.....
Get a freight company to put it on a pallet; don't even consider UPS or FED EX for this. I had my Gamut L5s in wooden crates shipped on a pallet from upstate NY to Louisville and it was about $240. They weigh 90 lb each not counting the box, carton or pallet. Truck is the only way to go for heavy packages.
I would first set up an account with FedEx (or UPS), it is free and they give members discount. The more you ship the more discount they give, but even first time members shipping for the first time get a discount over the usual rate.

There is also an on-line auction website called 'U-Ship' that I think people bid to ship your items for you. My brother used it to setup shipping his motocycle from California to Washington state.
Put it on a pallet and ship, your gonna have to, about a $1 a pound. May help if you tell us from point A to B.
If you have the original box, that is how the manufacturer shipped it new. To be extra cautious double box it and ship FedEx Ground Freight. As mentioned get a FedEx account set up they are free and they will even pick it up for a small fee. Insure it to be safe.
I used BAX Global freight to ship a big Talon subwoofer. It wasn't cheap, but it wasn't nearly that expensive. I may have had to haave Talon arrange it, I'm not sure they work for consumers directly.
Pilot Air Freight - trucking company - Will cost you about $100.Used them at least 7 times with speakers weighing from 60 - 450 pounds.
I second Pilot Freight. Have shipped everywhere from in-state to Australia.
thanks for all the tips, i searched through audiogon and called most of the companies listed including Pilot, BAX, and many more that i found recommended through the years on audiogon. most didn't allow for personal items even if i was to have seller dropoff and i would pick up at a port or center, alot wanted a credit check also which i wasn't too fond of.

ended up using uship and had it picked up the night before july 4 and got here in 2 days from texas to socal. total paid was about $170 but they went door to door and kept me in the loop the whole time, great experience