how much is my Perreaux worth ?

Hello all, Im thinking in selling these but im not to sure what to ask for them they all work just great nothing is wrong with them other then they all older. AMP-PMF 3150, PRE-AMP SM2 & Tone Control TC-2 Thanks
I just reluctantly sold a PMF 2150B for $700. However it was serviced with new caps and pots. I imagine a 3150 is probably worth a grand in good shape. Same for the SM2. It's great gear.
check the Audiogon Bluebook
You joined Audiogon to find out the value of your equipment? Buy a subscription to the Audiogon Bluebook.
The Audiogon bluebook is not always the best indicator of true market value - and I'm being polite here.

This is especially true for the "less popular" items where scant sales records lead to dubious value predictions.
For current models that are very popular, the bluebook value usually lags true market value. And you can throw the Bluebook value right out the window during that time period when a replacement product is introduced and the Bleubook value still reflects the price of the old model as if it is the current version.
My experience with vintage equipment (like Perreaux) is that the Bluebook value is optimistic at best leading to higher than true market value expectations.
Do what you are trying to do here on some of the other audio forums where there are possibly some Perreaux owners who have bought/sold their equipment and are willing to share their experiences. You can use the Bluebook as another resource BUT I wouldn't use it as the only resource.
There are complaints around the web which indicate the 'Audiogon bluebook' has not been updated since the new format. So that is YEARS.
Just sayin'.
No bluebook is perfect and Audiogon's bluebook only takes Audiogon sales into consideration. However, the bluebook is most likely more accurate than the opinions on this forum. Just because one person sold a Perreaux 3150 does not mean it is an indication of value. The OP may have better luck by testing the market if he truly wants to sell his equipment.