Re: Vintage Perreaux Amplifiers

To all Perreaux aficionados, between the PMF-2150B and the
PMF-3150, which do you consider to be the better sounding amplifier? I'm not looking for specific recommendations, but simply trying to build a general consensus.

Many Thanks!
I would look elsewhere
I have owned a PMF-3150 since 1988. It is musical and powerful, offering inner detail and tonal accuracy. The music has a presence that you can hear even from the next room. It's been in the shop only once, to replace an input connector that broke under the strain of very stiff cables. Otherwise, incredibly reliable. Heard a pair of 2150's in bridged mode, so that may account for some stridency I heard from them. The 3150 is not harsh, nor is it sweet, it's just right. Currently driving a pair of Paradigm studio 100's v4. For decades it operated into difficult, low-impedance Ohm F's and Walsh 5's without problems. Best of all, both these amps are very affordable now. cheers,