Perreaux Audiant VP3

I can't seem to find comments about this phono stage on Audiogon (and hardly anywhere else).
does anyone of you own it ? has anyone heard it ?
it looks interesting based on data charts, but... how about sound ?

thanks, ciao
I just received mine on Friday  October 14, 2016. I have already taken it out of the box and wow is it a beautiful looking unit. I was very impressed with it's build quality. There are a lot of reviews that you can read on the VP3 from the Perreaux website, but you will have to wait a couple of weeks before I can tell you how mine sounds. I bought mine based on a ton of research and trying to find a really high end unit that was going to give me the best sound and value for the money. So far, from what I'm seeing and from what I read this unit is looking like the one. From what I have read I have complete confidence that this VP3 will be my final phono preamp.
     Give me a shout in a couple of weeks in case I forget for my opinion of it's sound. 
I will 2nd the build quality of Perreaux! Have a sa33 prramp and it is build like a tank and sounds wounderful. Would not hesitate to own any perreaux products.
Hi Exron, how's it sounding?