How Much Does Your Favorite Band Cost?

If you wanted to have your favorite band perform live, here's what they charge -- The Cost to Book Your Favorite Band.
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50 cent....yeah, right!
Funny the lower the price the better list of bands you see.
Collective Soul is a steal at $30K!
I wouldn't give a dime for Collective Soul.
How about McLaughlin? He's twice cheaper...
As noted, the cost is 'pre expenses', which often are five to six times the performance fee depending on the location and the day and time of the performance. Touring is the only way for acts to make money. Recording and song royalties add little to the acts income. Who make the money, well the tax man and Apple with its iTunes revenue. So, if you are looking for a line of work that 'pays', skip entertainment.
Well, this explains the obscene price of tickets. I refuse to support this outrageous practice (well, maybe once a year I"ll go to a "must-see" show).
The same goes for sports. Live entertainment is way over-priced.
If the artist wrote the original material and owns the publishing rights, then he is making money. Every time a song is played commercially anywhere in the world, he makes a small amount (if the needledrop is reported).

Like Michael Jackson owning the rights to the Beatles' catalog, very lucrative.
A million for bieber? what a waste of money.
Bieber would have to pay me a million to listen.
Book one Justin and get another one for free!
Thank God for a system that's revealing enough to always make a case for staying at home. "Phish"?

List incomplete.
Nice one Slaw :D