How many audio systems do you have in your home?

Curious as to how many systems do your have in your home?
I at one time or another have 3 mid to top tier sytems, one in family room, one in basement and one in main room (living room, HT room)?
Currently, my HT room has the best electronic, then the family room, and than basement.
Due to limited finance I will have to cut back on my audio toys to finance other needs, such as summer camp, summer vacation, etc. (things associated with having kids).
I am undecided in either going for a very budget minded system in family room and basement or just running speakers to those room from main room via an ABC switch box.
Are any of you currently in a similar situation or have been in such situation? What route did you take?
The family room/basement is mostly background listening.

Too many!
Three systems and expanding. I have my primary two-channel rig in a dedicated room. Then I have a modest HT system in my family room which is primarily movies and occasional background music. Then there's a simple system in the basement for my two children to listen to while they play. My son, age 11, is getting ready to put together a budget system for his room too, mainly from my older gear. Oh, I also have a decent system at my office. Hmmmm, maybe I'm showing signs of a serious problem. ;-)

I would vote for the budget minded systems as opposed to running speakers from the main. Primary reason is the ability to control/manage the music without having to run somewhere to do it. Another reason is that your family has more options to listen to what they want, when they want, where they want. Kids like that, as do Moms and Dads.

Since these are not rooms for serious listening sessions, you could equip them quite decently for not a lot of money. Thanks to Audiogon and ebay, there's a great choice of decent sounding, affordable gear. A plus side is that should a component fail in one system, you can move something from another. Putting together a couple of budget systems might even be a lot of fun.
Two systems for me.

Main system with best audio gear in best listening room.
Second system of spare audio gear which is also very useful for burning in/testing new gear/cables before insertion into main system.
3 not counting home theatre
advent 11:
sounds like we're in same boat.
my office system is a tivoli audio though think of upgrading to something that I can afford to lose solely because i am a cubicle dweller, and anything nicer may develop feet and walk away,

basement system is background listening when we hang out down there, we have a foosball/putting green, etc. down there.

family room is also for background listening/watching t.v. and family room functions, the system in this room comes on when we have dinner.

living room/HT has the decked out room treatment, etc. and my most expensive stuff, however, i have to downsize a bit to make room for a piano.
I'm too embarrassed to say.
Three at home and one at work.

Jeffloistarca in Montreal is the champ (see link).
Three- Combo HT and 2 channel in the basement. 2 channel on the main floor for casual listening and 2 channel in the daughters bedroom so she leaves mine alone.
4 plus HT -
Main listening room, secondary listening room, den, living room. Add one more if you count the garage...Its a disease I know.....
Do you have add additional numbers to your count if there are enough spare parts lying around in a room to make a couple more systems? ;)
To answer your question on how to deal with many systems: 17 years of buying/selling upgrading suddenly allows you to accumulate a lot; when, you have no expenses other than car insurance and rent... (no car payment either..)
Single, No Girlfriend (most of the time), Sold Cool Car, bought more stereo gear.
I also had a high end HT and sold off those components and sacrificed to high end inwalls and put that money into my 2 channel system (concentrate on one and limit tweaking on others (power/isolation/footers etc as this small stuff bled me dry).

1- Main Stereo (2 channel) Wilson/Theta/Squeezebox - Master Bedroom
2- HT 5.1 EAD/Niles/Squeezebox - Living Room
3- B&O2500 - Dinning room
4- Panasonic all in one - Garage
5- Office - 4 BlueRoom Minipods/Sherwood Receiver/Paradigm 10" sub attached to my Computer system with two 20.1" LCD monitors

To reduce the cost of other systems in other rooms look at the Squeezebox 2/3 and get it modified (Red Wine or Boulder Audio has both forums) on the analog outputs and then run that into an amp and speakers. This makes for an ultra cheap great front end and your not carting your music all over the house! Stream all your music from one PC in the house... I use a table PC to control both of my Squeezebox on my two main systems.. plus I can take it out to the garage and hook it up to my garage system and have access to my collection there or at the neighbors.
Three, and one in my girlfriend's house. Only one is really worth listening to though.
High end audio upstairs (2-channel), Home theater downstairs (5.1). Never the two shall meet.
Family room....sep. H/T and 2 channel
Office...2 ch.
Bedroom....H/T and sweet 2 ch.
Home gym....the JBL boom boom room
Garage....the current home of my first Cerwin Vegas from 1975
Also 2 car systems, 2 boat systems, and two truck systems. All but one built by me. I just love this hobby!
"Just" four:

Living room (main system) -- all tube; great for jazz, classical and acoustic music

Family room/kitchen -- vintage solid state (mid-80's tandberg and klipsch)plus tube dac and dvd/cd player; gets the job done for rock (and good enough for movies, for now)

Bedroom -- all tube again (love that glow)

Home office -- mixed bag of spare components and totem dreamcatcher monitors (not bad at all)
Well I got enough components to put together 6 systems but I am also into rotation.I also have a hard time letting my beloved gear go.I gave some of my early stuff to my brother though.
Best regards

I've pared down some *L* oh man, if it was up to me every room would have a system. I'm really irked we don't have a kitchen system but she's being unreasonable. Let's see...

My main system lives in the family room, as does the home theatre thingy. I'm fine with that, we share the room.

I have three kids (12, 13, 15) and they each have their own systems. We need to bring the kids into the fold.

Bedroom system, including a pair of speakers in the bathroom. I like to S/S/S to tunes.

Garage system, a must! I tinker, mod, work on stuff so I have to have my tunes.

Outdoor system, facing the pool. A cold beer or great Merlot, a Cuban cigar, and really loud swimming trunks. Ideal.

Office system. C'mon, you can't work without a high-end system to rock out to. Output would suffer or I'd hafta kill dozens of people.

Basement system is a simple TV and VCR/DVD set-up to keep the kids out of my hair (and let me enjoy my main system).

Traveling system, no man should be without when he's on the road. iPod, speakers, CDP, cans, headphone amp

I have an extra system I was using in my office, but now that I work from home it's gathering dust. I guess I'm at an even dozen. Cars don't count eh? hmmmm.. probably forgot one or two all the same...
Two one main with a Mac 4280 receiver and B&W cdm7Se's, another with a Marantz 2325 and infinity RS3's (with XM satellite tuner)
I have 2 dedicated rooms with significant equipment, one of which has both home theater and a separate 2 channel rigs. Plus 6 other lesser but still relevant rigs (Workout room, Living Room, Fam room, Study, Bedroom, vacation house). These rooms are pretty much changing constantly, new stuff goes in the dedicated rooms, equipment cascades through the other rooms and something gets either sold or given away.
Three: Split level home with "upstairs" digital based system mostly rega with ensemble speakers and Magnum dynalab tuner and Nak special edition cassette deck 1.
"Downstairs" is (supposed to be) more serious analog LP system. I currently have 3 pairs of speakers I swap in-out on this system. 3rd system also downstairs, quasi-home theatre Toshiba DVD feeding rega pre and 2 power amps, modded spica's in front and modded JBL L-166 in rear for double stereo effect and JBL's serve as "sub"s as well.
I suppose at 6 pairs of speakers in the house I am at my limit. None of this stuff is your SUPER high end $$$. I suppose If I had just ONE system, LP, I could have spent all my money on just that system and possibly had some higher end stuff (4-5K speakers instead of 2K)
Three. Main system in third floor listening room, whole house system with control equipment located in family room, system at my business. All three systems have cd formats, lp, cassette tape, and radio. Do car/suv systems count?

I find it hard being without music for very long. I was told 30 years ago that I'd grow out of this, that all teens get into music for awhile but then loose interest as they grow older.
Three audio and one HT.

Living Room: 2.2 & All SS
Home Office: 2.1 & All tube
Work Office: 2.1 & Tube/SS Hybrid

Home Theater: 5.2
seven,mainly for mixing records,cassettes to cd's and cassettes

Living Room = 2-channel, McIntosh, Sonus Faber GP Speakers
Family Room = 2-channel, Ayre Acoustics, ProAc 2.5 Speakers

NO Home theater!

Main rig in living room
Master bedroom
Front balcony
Living room ambiance system
#1 2ch audio in Living Rm. Same sources available on
#2 Multi Room system, spkrs in Kit, MBR, Bath, Garage and Yard w/ IR from MBR and KP in Kit.
#3 Stand alone for video in Family Room
(12v doesnt count)
#1 is where I want to be. #2 is nice for moving around the house, volume controls in all rooms. #3, dont know why I bothered, nothing on tv or dvd that doesn't insult intelligence other than The History Channel, and WWII wasn't fought in Dobly Digital

I think your family room definitely deserves the system you built for it.

I heard Steven Spielberg and Clint Eastwood were working on remastering all the audio for every gunshot, bomb blast and artillery shell detonated during WWII into 7.1.

The History Channel and History International will be rockin' then!

Big rig in dedicated room - tubes 'n horns (Avantgarde, Lamm, etc.).
Home theater in living room.
Small SET rig in home office...amazing what 3.5 WPC can do in a small room w/sympathetic components.