How Good Are Omega High Efficiency Speakers?

Hey A’goners.Due to forced downsizing I had to sell my beloved S.F.Toy Towers & 50wpc.Class A,PP,EL34 I/A a few months ago & switched to a 10wpc.Class A,SE,EL34 amp & very small monitors.Now in a position to start upgrading & believe I want to stick with the low powered SE amp,possibly even moving to 300B SET.
Top of my speaker shortlist are the Silverline Audio Prelude+ but they are $2000.00,not out of budget range but if I don’t have to spend that so much the better as the savings can go toward amp upgrade.
More research led me to the Omega speaker line.I have ALWAYS wanted a pair of speakers finished in Ebony veneer & they offer that on their entire line.The "Super 7 Monitor Mk.II"looks like the model I would want,perfectly sized & spec’d at a decent 45Hz.on the low end.
I value an organic,natural sound with ZERO brightness/harshness along with excellent imaging & sound staging.Source is OPPO BDP105D used for Redbook/SACD/DVD-A discs & streaming via USB.Cables are all Acoustic Zen Zero Crystal Copper/Silver-Copper, room is around 14’x12’x8’ & is perfectly treated.Musical taste includes pretty much everything from Chamber/Baroque,Smooth Jazz,Big Band Standards to Reggae & Classic Rock.
So do you Omega owners think I would be happy with these speakers?
Thanks very much,take care...
I have a pair, the cabinet work is beautiful,I think they are model ts2r a great speaker,it has the Fostex driver in it with the wizzer cone,it can be a little dry and shy on the bass side,but  i purchased mine on the second hand market,so I don't know if they have been broken in,i also feel that they should have put in a more ROBUST driver!!!
Over the last 12 years, I have owned two sets of Omega speakers ... the Super 3i and the Super 7 MKII.  The Super 7 MKII is a new design with a new driver.  The Foster driver and TS2R that Gmosley refers to, is a design from a dozen years ago.

I use the Super 7 with a Rega Brio amplifier, Rega Apollo CD player, and Stanton ST 150 turntable.  If you go with Omega, the Super 7 is the way to go.  So much more power and detail and smoothness than the Super 3I and other monitors that I have used.  Like yourself, I listen to a bit of everything.  The Omegas were always known for working magic with vocals.  With the 7 inch driver, the magic is extended.

Contact Omega and speak with Louis.  Definitely worth the time.

You should give the Omega Compact Alnico Monitors (CAM) serious consideration.  I would put them up against almost anything if you like the sound of a single-driver, crossover-less speaker like I do.  It's the Alnico hemp driver that is the object of desire here and Louis can fit it into the Super 7 MKII enclosure if that is the form factor you're after but the CAM is not much larger in size.  Alnico will get you more magic in the midrange and better bass.  If you can do without the more expensive real wood finish, you can get the EKO Ebony and save a few hundred dollars since the finish won't have any effect on SQ.

Omegas have great synergy with many inexpensive amps and so don't feel you have to funnel a good proportion of your overall budget to the amp.  Give some serious consideration to the new Temple Audio Bantam One or the Decware SuperZen Triode (both for <$1k).  Both companies have a generous return policy if you're not happy but there are many reviews of excellent synergy with Omegas.
The Omegas (with the Alnico driver) are one of the best single driver speaker on the market.  In fact, the Super Alnico monitor bested a pair of Harbeth Super HL5 pluses and several other well regarded speakers at a fraction of the price.  I agree with romazicon in terms of going with the Alnico.  The newer models are quite special.
I have a pair of super 3xrs and love them. They are very musical, fast ,have great detail and work well with my primaluna prologue2. I love spica and magneplanar speakers but I find the omegas to be more enjoyable. I'm using a benchmark Dac and it also works , well. I'm very happy with these speakers and find my self listening to tidal for hours and loving the experience . I listen to voices, acoustic instrument , popular and country. My preference is music which is less complicated.

Yeah like Rich said my Omegas were a flea market find for $25.00 in the box, so getting them for $ 25.00 is what rich wish he could get,dozens year old speaker for that price is not what  RICH could get, he paid FULL PRICE, but they sound and look good sitting next to my new wilsons, that Rich wish he could set in his listen room.
My friend own alnico, I own the 3i this are both musical n amazing speakers, call Luis he is very nice.