Help with Micromega

Does anyone know how to contact Micromega? I need to get some parts to fix my disc player. I'm now willing to live with reliability problems (hopefully the problems will go away if I get it fixed!) now that I've compared my Stage 2 favorably to a couple of newer players.
I agree about the sound of the Micromega. I have a Drive 2 and it is much better than many transports costing considerably more. Can you be more specific as to the problems? There is currently no distributer in the US, however, there is a distibutor in Canada. Some Canadian dealers may service it. I know my dealer, Audio Outlet, in New York will still service my unit, but I did buy it from them. They have told me they can get parts when needed. If you are having trouble with tracking or the CD skipping it is because of the grease that Micromega used. In time almost all of them would bind up. All you need to do is remove the grease from the rails and then re-grease using a very fine teflon grease. I used a high performance bicycle chain lubricant (teflon based). I have not had a problem since that time. Hope that helps.
Unfortunately I did not save the phone numbers I had, but there is an electronics distributor in Canada who handles them and may be able to service your unit. I got their phone number from Audio Connection in Verona, NJ, who was a Micromega dealer. Audio Connection's # is 201-239-1799.
Through the Canadian distributor, I was also able to get the phone# for Micromega in France. This was about a year ago. If you look up Micromega in the Manf Dir on Audiogon, you will find a Canadian address.

Thanks for the tip. Skipping is, indeed one of my problems. While I'm not glad to hear that you've had a problem, it's encouraging to hear that it's so easily fixed. I'll get some grease this weekend.


Thanks for the lead. I'll give audio connection a call. My other problems are typical from what I've heard about Micromega. The control buttons are getting unreliable. I've used the remote as a substitute until now, but it's starting to wear out also.