How does Vandersteen 2CE Sig II compare to Treo?

Seems like they use the same driver and the specs are similar.
Treo is the Vandersteen new product.
See here:
Ha. Nice looking speakers. If the drivers are the same, I think richard's rationale for the box less design makes sense and the Treo is really addressing aesthetic and WAF factors, not necessarily sonics; wood cabinets do cost a lot.
They're not the same lower drivers. The 2Ce uses an 8" woofer and a 10" active acoustic coupler. The Treo uses a 6.5" woofer and a downfiring 8" subwoofer which is active.
Based on this, I would think the Treo would be somewhat more open and sound a little more like the Quatro.
For comparitive purposes, the Treo is closer in price to the 3a Signature. Since the 3a Sig was upgraded a while back, it would be interesting to hear that comparison.
I auditioned 2CE Sig II and 3a Sig. Though I like 3a Sig they are too big for my room. I would like to get 2CE Sig IIs but I got a categorical no from my wife.

Treo looks exciting but I want to know how it compares to 2CE Sig II and 3a Sig.

I recently auditioned the following speakers:
Paradigm Signature S6, B&W CM9, B&W 805D, KEF R700, Dynaudio DMs. I currently own Paradigm Studio 40v3 for fronts and 20v3 for back. I had them for the last 4 years.

I found Vandersteen to be a class above all the speakers I listed above. The problem is WFA!!.

Hence my interest in Treo anyone?
i love Vandersteen also and had the 1c, my cousin had the 2ce signatures II then moved to the quatros- great stuff. If you are looking for great sound and beautiful speakers look at Devore 8s or 9s for the wife.The only thing to worry about the Treo is the they are 85 db, not those most efficient.

Does Devore 8s/9s voice similar to Vandersteens?, I like the expanded soundstange and control through the range in Vandersteens.

thanks for your suggestion.
Is the Devore a time & phase coherent design? Seems a lot of that sound stage magic comes from that - heard with Vandersteen and Theil.
There's a pretty good discussion on the Treo here.

Hope this helps.
I think they are some what voiced similar in that they are easy on the ears, I find the Devores use a silk dome tweeter and is very smooth but very dynamic. The only negative is sometimes I find them to be a little thin.That said nix is perfect in this game.The plus is they are 8 ohm speakers and very efficient so it leaves you with great options for amps. I would look at Harbeth hls5, great speaker for tone and a retro looking speaker with a great wood finish but also a easy load but not as efficient as the Devores.
Are Devores phase and time coherent?
Based I what could see on their website T&P coherency does not appear to be part of the design principle the way it is for speakers like VS, Thiel, and the old Meadowlark brand. These have a particular sound that comes from those 1st order crossovers and time aligment that may be what appeals to folks that like these speakers. Heard very good thing about the Devores, but it appears to take a different approach.
Not sure about the TREO but, I have the 2 CE Sig II that are being driven by my McIntosh MC601 monoblock (600 watts) and it just blows away on some of the speakers that cost four, five times the cost. The sound staging, transparency, and the clarity when position is right is just sounds like live music.
Miketuason What Tap on the amp did you end up liking best?
Cheers JohnnyR
Johnny, I really did not notice any difference between the 8 ohms and the 4 ohms tap, maybe because of the McIntosh amp autoformer, doesn't matter which tap you use it will always put out the same wattage. The best thing I can do is to just to match the impedance of my speaker which is 7 ohm so, I'll just leave it at 8 ohms tap. Does this make sense?
How about the TREO compared to the QUATTRO?
Yes 8 Tap is all good
Its been over an year and was wondering how the Treo compares to 3A and Quatro wood.