How does Vandersteen 2CE Sig II compare to Treo?

Seems like they use the same driver and the specs are similar.

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I auditioned 2CE Sig II and 3a Sig. Though I like 3a Sig they are too big for my room. I would like to get 2CE Sig IIs but I got a categorical no from my wife.

Treo looks exciting but I want to know how it compares to 2CE Sig II and 3a Sig.

I recently auditioned the following speakers:
Paradigm Signature S6, B&W CM9, B&W 805D, KEF R700, Dynaudio DMs. I currently own Paradigm Studio 40v3 for fronts and 20v3 for back. I had them for the last 4 years.

I found Vandersteen to be a class above all the speakers I listed above. The problem is WFA!!.

Hence my interest in Treo anyone?

Does Devore 8s/9s voice similar to Vandersteens?, I like the expanded soundstange and control through the range in Vandersteens.

thanks for your suggestion.
Are Devores phase and time coherent?
Its been over an year and was wondering how the Treo compares to 3A and Quatro wood.