How do I clean a sticky speaker

I just picked up a pair of Celestion SL600 speakers that are covered with a tacky black substance. One speaker is so sticky that dust and crud has stuck to it. I'm thinking that I want to strip off this gook and repait the aluminum cabinets. Lacquer sor of tatke of off but not easily. Any thoughts would be appreciated. thanks much
You may want to try Goo Gone. It is available in most hardware stores.
Or M1 remover, also available at most hardware stores.
Try Afta - cleans anything!
With all proper precautions when using this flammable agent, lighter fluid often works when all else fails.
I have used in the open air outside of the house for removing the occasional anonymous sticky material that seems to afflict the used components we all buy.
Test a small area to check if the speaker cabinet finish is preserved.
Happy New Year, minus the incendiary display!
Dear Sticky
I have a pair of sl600's, oritinal owner, same problem. I am considering veneering at this point. There is nothing I found that worked, and I started with mild soapy water, then a few over the counter things. Aluminum is a tricky substance to paint, and my guess is that over time, the nextel like finish started to have a reaction to the alum.
good luck.
Any idea what the substance is? You might try some tar remover from an auto parts store. It is safe for car paint, but not sure about your speakers. Like mentioned above, I would try a small inconspicious spot first to see the results.
Still looking ?
You may want to try a good automotive cleaner wax . I have had quite good luck with Rain Dance . It will remove tree sap , road tar and paint mist very easily . Make sure that you get one that is meant for use on lacquer paints !