anti-static record cleaning arm

I have seen these "dust bugs" on ebay and other iterations of the same. LP gear has an "anti-static record cleaning arm."

Have not seen any discussion of these devices in this forum and am wondering if they have any benefit. The prices are certainly cheap enough for a try.

I used the Decca carbon fibre brush of that type years ago. It did catch dust before it could get to the stylus. I could never verify the claims made for it that it took static electricity away from the record through the ground wire provided tough. I'm certain purists and others affected by audio nervosa could very well be of the opinion that it affects speed stability, but I seriously doubt that a lightweight brush used with any decent turntable would cause such a problem.

I would stay away from cheaply made brushes of this type or anything that has a plush roller or looks to be too massive.
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thanks for the responses.

What is the problem with carbon fiber brushes, as I have been using one? If there is a problem I would like to know.
I have a rather sophisticated one made in France called the "Rexon C." Has gimbal/bearings on weighted base, adjustable height and counterweight, "tonearm rest," its head (replaceable) combining a carbon fiber brush and some fluffy stuff, plus a drain wire. It was a gift, so I don't now how much it cost and all the instructions are in French, but I like it a lot. Dave
Dmgrant1, carbon fibre brushes are like using a broom with out a dust pan, you can sweep it around but it is difficult to really pick it up. Most folks slowly wipe it to the side but IMHO I feel it just smears it and the dirt is not so noticeable. The wiping action also creates static that wasn't there before unless it was created the last time you used the brush. IMHO the Milty Pixall is the only dry cleaner that works.
Headshappin, point well taken and makes good sense. Have you tried the Nagaoka rolling cleaner? Don't have a Milty, but they seem to be similar. Where can I get a Milty?
I used a dust bug way back when until I heard artifacts through my headphones late one night. My stylus was in a silent space between tracks, but I heard "stuff". Lifting the dust bug made the noises go away. Apparently, the bristles running in the grooves set up vibrations either in the record, or down into the plinth through the bug's arm and mount. Upon checking platter speed with a strobe, I found it also slowed rotation about as much as the stylus did. That was it...the bug got squashed.
dear Dmgrant1: I owned one from Audio Technica and the Rexon too ( btw, Dave very nice thinking device. ), both make a good job but I learn/experienced ( with out headphones ) exactly what Maya707 posted.

I can't recomended that type of audio accesories to any one that is looking for quality sound performance.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Raul, I just "listened" to the Rexon via both speakers and headphones and could not detect its presence. Between its tilting head and the counterweight -- I keep it at ~2g on my replinthed Lenco -- the thing does not seem to do anything except what it's supposed to. And using a KAB strobe, there's no effect on speed stability, but of course the Lenco is an idler drive TT. Dave
Dear Dave: As a fact when I detect what I posted I was using the AT device. I hope this weekend I can have a little time to test the Rexon and report on it.

Regards and enjoy the music.
hi everyone

I stumbled up on this old thread because I curious when I was at another audiophile's place and saw he had a 2nd arm on his TT that cleaning his record while it was playing.

Has anyone tried this record cleaning arm or something similar? Did it work out well?

Rek-O-Kut Dust Bug Brush Kit

I saw this brush as well and was thinking about using it to dust records while I was playing them as well.

Kleen Sweep Tonearm mount record cleaning brush by Duotone Company Inc.

Would it be wise to use both brushes in tandem? One right on the tonearm and then the 2nd arm after. I currently just have a RCA Disc brush that I'm using.