record cleaning methods......................

Everybody's got their own way. I'd like to hear some of them
I'm sure folks will chime in shortly, but you should run a search.  There are over 7200 threads on this topic in the archives.

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KL Audio LP200 is the best had VPI 17F this machine makes records much quieter by far.
Anything decent on the low end?  That KL Audio machine is about as much as I have in my entire system (Dynaudio/Rogue/Rega/NAD/Denon).
cheapsest why I've seen is a Spin Clean, a small shop vac and a vinyl vac wand attachment. All can be had for under $100 I think but it is a very clumsy process.
Here's a tweek to make the Spin Clean experience much better. Put the record in the Spin Clean as usual, then use a brush on the playing surface, both sides...then dry with vacuum. You might want to cut the bristles back to make them stiffer. I use two Spin Cleans, one for the brush treatment and the other for rinse only.. I use a high quality paintbrush and a wet-dry vac.Works for me............. 
roseofsa, what sort of attachment is on your wet-dry vac?
Thanks for your inquiry, tostados.......I use a regular vacuum attachment, probably made for cleaning furniture, about 3inch across. I hold it close to the record that I've just cleaned, but not touching it. I realize this poses some danger of scraping the lp surface,  so I put a rubber 'bumper' around the mouth of the vac attachment. I buy a length of rubber hose from the auto parts store. Cut a slit in the hose from one end to another.and slip it around the mouth of the attachment. If the playing surface is actually touched by the vac attachment, the rubber will prevent damage.  I think a small vacuum attachment with built in bristles would be easier, but the ones I've found have too stiff bristles. Many other people modify a crevice tool by opening up one side for the length of the tool., But you'd have to put some sort of scratch guard on it as well.  
The best advice I can offer is check the forums, You tube and any other public media sources. There really are tons of methods for record cleaning. I'm probably going to upgrade to a VPI machine, but I enjoy doing the DIY method and saving money, .Allmost forgot, I use a battery powered hand vac over the table, plinth and playing surface for every play. Just a little insurance against pops and scratches
Hi all,
I have had this cleaner from a fellow in Toronto. For the money the best vacuum out there. It is a DIY kit with 3D printed parts, you attach a shop vac. for less that $100 for all parts.
here is the link
Then find the website for the London Jazz collector, he has a great formula for a DIY cleaner. For less than $130 you have a cleaning machine and a gallon of cleaner. I have used this set up for more than a year and I buy a lot of records. Yes cleaning vinyl is a pain but this absolutely works.