Home HD digital FM Tuner

Hi friends;

Anyone know if and who makes an HD digital FM tuner for the home audio system. They have them for car audio.
Sony XDRF1HD, (no longer available, but can be found used)

Sangean HDT-1, (no longer available, but can be found used)

There are several HT receivers that have HD tuners. You could also find a portable unit that has a headphone out, or maybe even a line out and use that.

I have the Sony. It is the way to go. Great sound, great value. Will last a lifetime, or at least until the next big thing.
Thanks Mofimadness;

Any clue why the HD FM market is exclusively targeted for car audio head units and not home audio?
Rotel, Magnum Dynalab and I think Day Sequerra makes one. The best buy, even at the current prices, is the Sony XDRF1HD and can be modified by Radio-X for better audio performance. I do not recommend the Sangean HDT-1 or the Insignia clone.
You can look at Denon TU-604CI Multi-Zone Dual AM/ FM Tuner with Expansion Slots on the auction site. Research it. I have one and happy with it. Good luck