Help w/ tuner in Classik , CRCD vs. FT101A please

Hi all.

I have a second system that I set up for my wife but it's too complicated for her to use (should've known). In this system I currently have a Magnum Dynalab FT101A. I'm considering selling the second system to get an all in one system like the Linn Classik or Classe CRCD.

I don't want to take a big step down from the FT101A using the Classik or CRCD. We live about 45 miles away from the radio stations we listen to and I want to make sure the Classik or CRCD has decent enough tuner sections to get the job done. Any members out there that have any experience with these components to let me know if the Classik or CRCD is on par with the FT101A or a major step down. Thanks in advance for your replies.
I have a Classik and a NAD L40. The Classik is a great machine but it is way tricky to use. I can't imagine a more complicated remote control. The NAD on the other hand is way easy to use, but it lacks AM. I get very satisfying sound out of both. I'm having a great deal of trouble deciding for myself whether to keep the Classik with the Silverline SR12's or the L40 with the DCM TimePieces.

Strongly recomemnd you audition the remote before ordering a Classik.
Do NOT forget to check out Fanfare's tuners. They are broadcast quality and many stations use them for remote station houses.
The Classik is extremely well thought out and an absolute pleasure to use once you take the time to get to know how to use it. The tuner is excellent - hard to tell the difference between it and the Linn Kudos - or CD for that matter. It pulls in weak stations very well - even with the cheap supplied aerial. With cable or a better aerial I imagine the reception would be astonishing. A reading of the units signal strength indicator of 40-50 brings in clear dynamic and wide bandwidth sound - (from quality broadcasters like NPR or CBC that is) - The strongest signal I have heard is around 67 using the basic supplied aerial - the sound was near perfect - almost better, more alive somehow than CD. Linn suggests that an ideal signal strength is around 75! - which can be achieved using a better aerial. I can only imagine what this would sound like - a direct feed from the studio maybe?

Other tuners I have had experience with are the Quad FM3, a Sansui, and a Luxman receiver. None of these even compare. The first time I heard the Classik I could hardly believe such quality was possible.
Thanks all who responded. Neubilder, I sincerely appreciate your input, it's exactly what I was looking for. I was originally thinking of the Classe CRCD because there seems to be great deals when you can find them, but with them discontinuing the model, I'm guess I try and find a Classik. Thanks again all.

Mike, my pleasure.
Would you post your reaction to the Classik when and if you decide to go for it?
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- Brian.
Ps: I have read that the Classe is very good piece as well - main reason they stopped production being that it was too expensive to produce, which makes it sound like even better value - but I haven't personally heard it.