high torque AC motor ugrade or kit

I am thinking about putting a new motor on a Townshend Rock turntable, and am looking to get an AC motor. My reasons being that they don't have the speed drift issues that DC motors have.

In any event I wanting to know where I can get a good AC motor kit - I am looking for a serious high torque item, like the berger on the DPS, I am not looking for a cheap Phillips 24 pole type.

BTW - i have looked at and considered the Origin Live one, and there are very mixed views over them
Townshend uses an AC motor for the Rock 7. Maybe contact them about it and their opinions.
Doink - It's a townshend elite rock BTW - not the rock 7
I think you had better do some research - I used to import Rocks and they all had AC synchronous motors, to which you could add the Merlin power supply.
The original arm would get sticky bearings, they are loose inside and there is a fix, but I'm not sure if I have the instructions any more. The sound improved significantly with the Merlin speed sontroller - more open, smoother, bigger soundstage. You might be better off putting the money into a speed controller.
The Rega arms were a popular combination with the TT. There was a paddle available to bolt onto other arms.
That's very helpful. Out of interest were the townshend motors low, or high torque? I am begining to prefer the swagger and stride of high torque decks that seem to have little or no problem with time smear during complex passages. This is as opposed to 10 years ago when I was obsessed with image and inner detail (grass is greener on the other side I guess).

locating the Merlin power ssupply is a bit like finding hens teeth - I am told that the new merlin works on the elite rock, but anything north of 1000 is a lot of money.
Not sure on torque, but the turntable is quite good. The rigid plinth, no suspension, helps with timing in my view. You need to find out what the motor actually is, there are plenty of speed controllers for ac motors out there. VPi SDS for example might work.
FYI, all the Origin Live motors and controllers are DC.
Heed Audio Orbit 2 ($700) is a controller for low amperage AC motors and Sound-Carrier makes controllers for high amperage AC motors (under a $1,000 US).
Have a look at this one:


does that look like it will fit the bill