High Quality bi-amp-able full range speakers - choices?

I use 4 monoblocks to power my Artemis Eos 2.1 speakers and I am very happy.  However, I have had these speakers for a long while (6 years or so) and am looking around for what I might want to replace them with.  I seek full-range speakers that I can get for less than 20k used or new.

As I indicated I want to bi-amp these speakers, but it is fine if they already have powered bass modules with volume adjustability.   Most mid to high-end speakers don't allow for bi-amping these days and that is all fine but not my choice.  I like the sound of class d on the low frequencies and tubes for mid and top frequencies and would like to continue in that way.  I would like to keep my current amps (Jolida Fusion monoblocks, and Wyred 4 Sound mAmps).  I am sure that they provide plenty of power for any speakers suitable for my 19 x 20 x 13 ft room.

So far the only choices that I have found are TAD CR-1's, and Revel Ultima Salon 2.  I am sure there are many more but it is hard to see the speaker connections online.  Please give me more options.

ATC are up there with your other choices so far. Since you appreciate biamping you may consider to go fully active - the benefits of completely eliminating a passive crossover are not subtle...
Just recap the EOS tweeter to neutralize that cool ceramic sound and be happy.   It will be hard to find a pair of speakers that images as well as the EOS
I am not in the same $$$ league but my limited experience with Naim SBLs totally supports @shadorne : going active was a revelation!!! Do not know why it works, but removing passive x-over allowed SBLs to sing!!!
Zu and Rehm (sp?) have built in powered subwoofers. Zu can be biamped using your own amplifiers. Not sure about Rehm. Both are full range. I think that Audio Note ANE can also be biamped and are almost full range. I am sure that there are others. 
Thanks for that unexpected response.  Do you have any specific info on re-capping the x-overs?

ATC fully powered speakers sounds like an interesting option to look into, Thanks.

I call your attention to the first paragraph of my original post.
Don't you have to worry about the sensitivity of the amps and the relative power of the amps if you use different brands/models for top and bottom end? Wouldn't this still be an issue with speakers that have built-in subs? Or even an add-on subwoofer?
I use an external crossover between the pre-amp and the bass amps, it is a dbx 234xs.  I have it set to the volume and frequency that I think best match the tops and bottoms.  I have had a lot of people listen to my system and there is agreement that there is smooth frequency response across the range.  Backed up by my simple measurements.  No issue.

I would absolutely be looking at the Paradigm Persona 5F or 7F (if you can stretch a little and get the dealer to do a generous discount).

Absolutely unreal speakers.
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IB2S is an ATC three way clone but with a transmission line instead of a reflex port. I think they get someone else not ATC to make their midrange (I read somewhere that Volt makes it for them) - it is a great speaker and a good option.
Hi Aigenga,

The EOS uses an Accuton ceramic tweeter that sounds very dry.
Pop it open and replace the coupling cap with a Jensen copper foil or VCap oil to tame it and replace the attenuating resistor with a Mills Non-inductive wirewound.  You willbe very happy with the results.
Also see if you have space to upgrade the coil in series with the monitor's woofer.  This is a minor mod as the Artemis' mid bass is already transparent enough.
Do you know that the monitors are driven full range or is there a cap that helps limit the subsonics as the big woofer takes over?
I only had the EOS monitors before so I know they were driven full range and sometimes stressed.