HiFiMan HE-1000 Headphones vs Reference Speakers ?

One reviewer that listened to these headphones thought they sounded much more like his reference system! Sounded very un-headphone like!!...

Could this be a short-cut to Audio Nirvana!..

I heard the Hifiman HE-1000 phones at the Newport and San Francisco audio shows. I think they are amazing! I'm still considering a purchase but hate to abandon my beloved Stax phones. But YES, I could live happily with a pair and a high-quality tube headphone driver unit. Also, I have heard them with digital music players, like the Sony HAP-Z1ES, and the sound quality is stunning.
I just found out about this (today), they are some new headphones that just came out (AudioQuest NightHawk $600) that a Audio Writer said is even BETTER than the hifiman he-1000's!!...

head fi is ur friend
dont trust reviewers, trust communities, the new hifiman headphones, the he 1000 or he560 are just amazing
The review of the Audioquest Nighthawk phones is flawed. The reviewer admits that he is really a speaker guy, has AKG 701 phones as his go-to phones and warns not to critically listen for 150-200 hours minimum (for break-in). I love headphones, but an hour a day is plenty. That means six months before I'm comfortable comparing the Nighthawks to my Stax or even the Hifiman HE-1000 that they compete with. At $600 the Nighthawks are probably a bargain, but I'll stick with my Stax or spring for the Hifiman HE-1000 if I want a change.
HA! HA! VERY FUNNY! Tonykay....?
I bet if you matched up these AudioQuest NightHawk headphones with a Wells Audio HeadTrip amp you would have a match made in Headphone Heaven!....Audio Nirvana!!
tonykay, most headphone need 150 to 200hour to reach best sound.
I don't believe in it ,headphones will be headphones,yes they might dig out more details,but never will give impression of speakers,every model of headphones have they own imperfection.Reviewers usually it mask politely:)
Bullshit,then people in studios where recordings are made always must wait 200hours:D
Readers please keep in mind hifisoundguy was touting Bose 901 speakers a few years ago as the second coming.
A review of his posting history is warranted.
extravaganza: and every speaker system will have major flaws: the room.

but yeah, audiophile spend 30k on a system in a room with terrible acoustic.
Listen to the HiFiman HE-1000 phones for yourself and decide. If AudioQuest can make headphones at $600 that match $3,000 phones, more power to them. I'm guessing they can't. Once you listen to the HE-1000, you'll understand!
These NightHawk headphones use the same speaker drives that the "world's best" Sony MDR-R10's! People pay as much as $6K! for these Sony R10's when they come on the used market!..

While I like headphones and used them in college for years (HD650, grado RS1, UE,Shure etc) they will never be a speaker replacement for me. If I need to listen quietly or when traveling they are good but given the choice I will take my HIFI rig every time.
I have heard The HE-1000 and they are great for headphones. They are not a replacement for speakers.
Lots of opinions here, but very few from those who have actually heard the Hifiman HE 1000. Hearing is believing! If you don’t agree then that they are amazing, we can talk. The V2 revision probably even improved the sound, and user comfort.