HiFi Tuning Fuses

For those that have installed HiFi Tuning Supreme fuses in their Magnepan 1.7s, which direction should the little arrows be pointing?
"The direction which sounds better."
That is the only one which matters.
For those who cannot hear any difference. I would bet it actually DOES NOT MATTER.
For those who can hear a difference, they do not need to ask.
Oh, yeah, i use aftermarket fuses in my 3.6 Magnepans..
Thanks Elizabeth.

What fuses do you use? Did the fuses require a break in period? Did the sound of your system change over the course of a few days or weeks after the aftermarket fuses were installed?
previous threads which i followed said to have arrows pointing down. i tried that and it sounds best. bigger improvement for 3.7s was using empirical designs custom midrange jumper with duelund cast resistor on tweeter.
IMO..Snake Oil..I havent met one audiophile that could do a blind taste test,put your money in other upgrades
For me, the correct orientation is very obvious, just play some Cannon D and pay close attention to high frequency extension on the right channel. You'll notice one way is diffused and the other is more extended and airy, which will take less than 20 seconds to dissern.
I strongly believe that that arrow is only part of company mark, actually is mark for diode and not showing the way of signal as the fuse is simple as it can be. Even with Supreme fuses we talk only about materials and not special construction it self. To hear sound difference if change direction?

The arrows are just part of the logo.
I'm with Wig on this one. One way it sounds more collapsed, and other more open.
For myself i bought the Maggie aftermarket fuses due to peer pressure.
I installed them and ignored the issue.
Hope that helps.
(I am really laughing over my own answer...)

But the cumalitive effect of all the little cheap tweaks has added up and I am pretty happy with my system. If that matters...
You are one of the few individuals where I try to read all your posts...very informative and helpful...always great to see you weighing in on topic, even one as over the top as direction of fuses!
If the fuse is on AC, why should the orientation matter?
u can actually try the orientation experiment with even stock glass fuse. one side will sound different than the other. It's not just expensive audiophile fuse. Give it a try. just need some time and elbow grease.
Regarding HI-FI Tuning "$upreme" fuses...I tried both arrows up, both arrows down, left up and right down, right up and left down. The verdict is...drum roll please....Both arrows up!!

Thanks for all of your input.

The only direction that matters were the directions from Peter Aczel that fuses degrade sound.

No matter what direction a Hifi fuse arrow is pointing to, the sound will still be better than a stock fuse.

I have usually bypassed all fuses in the past(bad, I know, but the sound was better)since I first read, and then more importantly "tried" bypassing speaker fuses.

If no one has tried an upgraded fuse how can what they say about it be taken as anything more than just speculation?

Put your trust in those who have tried the product and found it works,then scrimp and save and come up with the chump change it costs to buy one and then post your discoveries.

Really,some folks never bat an eye when it comes to rolling "NOS" tubes, and they aren't chump change.

Yes, I know, tubes do sound different,only because enough people have tried tube rolling has this practise become acceptable.

There was a day when the purists said this was a futile waste of money.As long as the tube specs out,what more do you want?

I was there when most of the audio know it alls, also said tubes were obsolete, and transistors were the superior amplication devices.
They even had the specs to prove it!

Well we know where tubes and good old analog based systems rank today.

Gear deligated to the dumpster a few years ago is back at the top of the food chain and in high demand and well respected.And priced from cheap to exotic.

So if you must, listen to the folks who scoff at upgraded fuses, and toss out your tube gear and turntables while your at it.It's inferior junk, snake oil.

No one's going to laugh at you then will they?