Hi- Res download newbie

I've just entered the world of hi-res downloads and would appreciate some advice. I've been utilizing a program called "traders little helper" to convert from a flac file to a wave.(my ps audio pw won't play flac), and a program called IMG burn to write the file to disk. Are these the best programs for the task or are there better options out there. Any advice for this newbie would be greatly appreciated.
To rip flac or wave files to disc I use MediaMonkey. Free excellent burner
Dan, there are many choices for software that will perform file format conversions and also to burn hi-res files to DVD. Just remember that the PWT is pretty fussy when it comes to playing burned DVDs, as they must be burned as data discs in the UDF format. Even some of the available UDF formats will cause the PWT to lock up. Feel free to experiment, but don't be surprised if you end up with a bunch of unplayable DVDs in the process which may even get stuck in the PWT.
Oh man. I cannot BELIEVE these PS audio clowns.

It's bad enough that they will smoke and mirror their way through the obvious fact that digital volume control distorts sound quality, but in addition, they will not bother with flac?

Trust me, my dear newbie, you do not want to drift away from flac. There are very good reasons why your sources use flac. It is a royal pain in the ass to maintain multiple copies of the same music, and it eats hard drive space (e.g. wav, iirc).

If your player will not play flac, get a better player. Your music collection is a lifetime endeavor, and one of the best things about flac is precisely that you do it once and never need to touch it again.
Trader's Little Helper is a perfectly good flac converter but you can get THE flac converter itself. Just google flac. It's free and easy to install.

IMG works fine for burning. I don't know if it's the best though.
Thank you all for responding. My main concern is for the sound quality of the entire process. I'm quite satisfied with the results so far but haven't compared them to any other programs. Granted, Traders little helper and IMG burn are free downloads, I would be willing to pay for a program that would surpass them in overall sound quality. Thank You.
You're welcome.

I have read a lot about different Apple software resulting in changes in sound quality but none about windows software.

I think you can be confident that using the flac converter will not affect sound quality and pretty sure that IMG will not either. To get some opinions you could start a thread asking about which software is the best for burning music on a windows based computer.
went through this a while back. even posted a "how to" on the PSA forums after i got it sorted out. did end up with a dozen or so unreadable dvd's before getting it right. the biggest problem i ran into was the various glitches in windows vista regarding UDF formatting.

i found Nero to be the best all around software to get the job done. not because it did anything better then other programs did, rather it's an all in one solution and streamlined the process for me.

here's a link.


side note: i'd switch to a computer based system instead of burning dvd disc's. you can keep things in FLAC or WAVE and the convenience factor is awesome!

Your PW DAC (Bridge?) should play all of your FLAC files. If you're still having issues you need to contact Alex at PS Audio...or Dennis.

Worse case scenario now, is that you might encounter some "micro-skips" only on 24/192 FLAC files, but even that should be minimal.

Have you updated to the most current firmware versions?

What server are you using anyway??
Ben, don't think he has the bridge...just the pwt/pwd. op's looking to burn hi res to play via pwt i think??. the pwt will only play WAV when burned to dvd. worse...it must be formatted and burned in a specific way to work (udf 2.0 and no folders). a real pita for me but i mucked through it.

bridge makes much more sense to me as well.(although hi res dvd via the pwt sounds incredible!)

Right you are Lev. I didn't read the OP's post well enough the first time. If, however, Dookiedan already has the PWD, I would highly recommend that he purchase the Bridge...
You didn't say whether you have a PW Transport, PW DAC or both. If you have both, I highly recommend getting the Bridge for the DAC and playing your FLAC files directly (the Transport isn't used). This setup has the advantage of not being sensitive to cable quality- a regular Cat 5 or Cat 6 ethernet cable works fine.

I'm using eLyric with my iPad as a controller and it couldn't be easier. The iPad is great in this application, but I think an iPhone might be a little small- at least to read the liner notes. I guess the earlier versions of eLyric were buggy, but I started with the latest release and have had good results so far.