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I am looking at my first turntable. I am considering a Scout or an Emotion. I am looking to spend 1800 max and would like to get as much band for my buck as possible/ possily used or demo equipment etc. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
The Scout comes pre set up with a choice of cartridges. You may find a spwcial price at some places. Write me.
Buy the buy that is not a newbee table, thats getting into serious analog. I own one don't forget you need a separate phono stage especially if you get the low output Dynevector cartridge, you must have a phono stage that works with MC cartridges.

There is too much to tackle in one thread . I'lltake a shot at a brief overveiw.

In truth, I would buy a used Music Hall. I own a Music Hall MMf-5 also very musical or buy the Denon, which is the reputed giant killer. If you go for used here you will likey.
Make sure the owner is selling the cartridge, tonearm and unless you have a good friend with patience it can be put together correctly. You can buy a DVD by the stereophile guru Mike Fremer. If you are a do it yourself guy.
Understand this is not like a 70 minute CD that you can remote control. After 20 or so minutes you must get out of your chair ans flip it or put on another record. The payback though is incedibly good reall great sound, never hashy or fatuiging.
There is a lot to consider. A good cart over $300 can be lower but the better ones start there to ten grand or more? A tone arm is never cheap, the phono stage is also as little as 150 bucks but if you want good music I think the bare min. would be about $500 so think.I use an ARC SP6B which is a very detail oriented the staging is phenominal but it is also a line stage and even just a decent one is $600 Pristine $1200 or more.
Another common approach is just getting a an old TT and trying it. I have linear tracking Techniqes (5 of them not for sale) But be prepared to yield %30-50 that work no matter what they say.
On Audiogon you will not be subject to absolute junk . I have never been swindled. They almost always keep the cartride so read the small print. Good luck in joining the analog group. Write to me.-Steve
Look for a VPI, used with arm and cartridge that can be demo'd at picked up. Do no buy any turntable that you cannot pick up and have demo'd before you hand over the cash. Bring you own vinyl, that way you will know the music.
Consider the following.

KAB modified Technics SL-1200MkII or SL-1210MkII with a Cardas rewired tonearm and the KAB fluid damper. $770.00
Be patent with KAB as it may take a few weeks for them to rewire test and ship out said unit but it is worth the wait.

Denon DL-160 H.O. moving coil cartridge $180.00

Cambridge Audio 640P phono preamp $250.00

VPI HW16.5 record cleaning machine: $640.00

Total: $1840.00..

IMO this would be a killer vinyl setup complete with all you need to get going on quality vinyl playback all for well under $2000.00

If you want to go another way, look on eBay for the higher end late 70's early 80's JAPAN INC. turntables. Japanese makers made some very nice units and ones which can give many a newer often high praised tables today a kick ass run for the money.

Hope that helps.
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I am leaning towards the Scout, any suggestions where I can get a really good deal.
The scout is a nice table. A friend of mine has one and it really sings. I personally really enjoy the emotion i own, and am happy that i saved ~800$ to buy more vinyl :)
Since you're considering the Clearaudio Emotion, what about the Clearaudio-sourced Marantz, which comes with a very nice Clearaudio cartridge?

If you were to go the Technics route (but I'm not holding my breath) and your $1800 seems to be just for 'table, arm, and cart, I'd go with the SL1200 + KAB outboard PSU, threaded clamp, tonearm rewire, fluid damper, and Isonoe feet. Mount Sumiko headshell and Sumiko BPS EVO III cartridge. Total price = $1659. The Technics DD tables achieve a speed accuracy and s/n ratio you don't see on belt drive turntables until you get into some serious money. The fluid damper, rewire, and Isonoe feet take care of the Technics' weaknesses in vibration isolation and wire quality.

If you can't abide the thought of an S-shaped arm with detachable headshell, get an SL1210 Mk2 from Musicians Friend for $400 and add the Origin Live armboard for about $100 and fully modded OL-1 tonearm for $800 for a total of $1300, which leaves you $500 for a cartridge--perhaps a Sumiko BPS EVO III or Ortofon 2M Black.