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effect of speakers in the corner
Digital equalization is the way to go.If you use a Mac, install Audio Hijack Pro, get an SPL meter, play 1/3 decade tones and fiddle with the 31-band graphic equalizer.Speakers in the corner are often seen as a curse, but with access to an equaliz... 
Suggestions for rock music
If your room is mid-sized and you don't listen to rock music "loud", then really your options are wide open. If you like your Songtowers then, well first of all not a big surprise, second of all, might as well stick with the manufacturer since he ... 
External Hard Drive Search Frustration. Help
I'll second Mrmb's observation regarding hard drive requirements. I've been using the WD "Green" drives forever, I've had one drive misbehave out of about thirty.These folks make excellent cases, they are quiet and great uptime, 
Yet another DAC recommendation request
A used Van Alstine will come in well under $1k nowadays and that's just a ridiculous bargain. The tube version is the classic choice. Definitely a NOS DAC, no hi-rez options there, so if you do not need that then you're set... 
Tube DAC Conundrum
Never turn off your tubes, just like you never turn out the lights in your house when you leave.Oh, wait, that advice was meant for another planet. On this one, if it's a bulb, turn it off when you don't use it.Honestly, of all the stupid advice y... 
Looking for a $1k DAC that delivers?
Van Alstine makes excellent DACs. You will not be complaining about missing any part of the spectrum, that's for sure. The output stage is what separates the wheat from the chaff in DACs and you will not be shortchanged there. A used Ultradac goes... 
That room will never be right for bass. It's lousy advice, I know, but... change the room. There's a limit to how much you can fight the physics. 
A Walk in The COUNTRY
Randy Travis' "No Holding Back" (1989). The craftsmanship you're looking for is there in spades.He's made many albums but this seems to be a high point. 
Is no preamp the best preamp of all?
The DAC is the chef. The amp are the ingredients. The speakers are your stomach.If you use a digital volume control, you are eating it take-out style, in a styrofoam container and probably reheated with the microwave.If you use an excellent preamp... 
Help in finding great Jazz thats well recorded
Alas, those 50s/60s recordings really are excellent (Coltrane's Live at Birdland comes to mind; Ella & Louie...). But ok, here's a couple I like.Joshua Redman, "Moodswings".Jazz at the Pawnshop, all 3 volumes. Yes, a live recording. 
Analytical observations.
I used to listen to the Los Angeles Philharmonic at the Chandler Pavilion. I guess it was OK.Sometimes I would hear them at the Hollywood Bowl, but invariably the bass was lean, the treble was distant and the midrange was muffled.But man, when the... 
Help choosing speakers
$1000 will not obtain the prescribed result if the room is wrong. $10000 might, if you spend it on fancy equalizers and the like.Tell us about the room and the answers will become relevant. 
Subwoofer Differences and Choice
Surely VMPS should be considered. 
Which Multi-Channel Amp?
ATI is a brand worth considering, in particular for multichannel amps, and they have a bit of a storefront right here on audiogon. 
All Amps Sound the Same....
It's not that the original quote is necessarily all that far off, as Onhwy61 explained.The attitude however is know-nothingish, and that's the last thing this planet needs.In addition, it does make a difference whether your amp is built by robots,...