Hi guys, Virtual Dynamics cables???? anyone know

How does the best VD cables sound compared to Synergistic Designer Reference and Audience Power cords and Au24 IC, Siltech and other brand names????????

I hope that before you reply to this question, you have been exposed to the other brands as well and not just V_Dynamics please.

Thank you kindly

I have compared a VD David power cord to an Audience powerChord, in my system, and prefered the David; I still have two powerChord PC's and the one David PC. I am using Audience Au24 IC's but hope to get some David's in the future, so I can't be of help at this time about the IC's.
I have compared(owned) many cables in my system.
I have gone from the VD 'Audition' cable to the 'Signature' and now use Nite I latest before the II.
I find it very good in dynamics and realism not found in any other pc. The best I have come across. That being said the David is supposed to be much better which I have not heard.
The Audience pc was kinda dull in my system.
Now I have a similar situation as Brian.
I have Audience AU24 ic's and speaker wire but the pc's don't have the same sound. I would have expected them to have similar characteristics.
I have used,JPS Labs,PS Audio,Blue Circle,Shunyata,Cardas Golden Ref./Cross,Synergistic Research,TG Audio although the TG was the best of the rest.
Oh,I also am using a Audio Magic "Illusion" on the power amp which is a great match, at least so far.
All trial and error this pc game.
Good Luck,
hi guys
just upgraded from the nite to the master package,WOW what an upgrade,rick is the best