Virtual Dynamics Power Cords Master Series

I am looking for a very good power cord for a CEC TL-1X transport. I have read only about these power cords and was wondering if anybody has any expereince with them. I am interested in their Master Series cord. My price range ia about $1,000 used....$2,000 used.
I have 2 master pc's in my system. I was using the nite pc's. Wow, what a difference. They transform your whole system. Voiceing has changed with more intensity, bass tighten up even more. Noise ? No noise, just black, black, black backrounds. Your amp seems to be more at easy with the flow of music. Example: Before i knew the backround singers were in the building, Now they have taken stage and given microphones to sing into. My sacd player is much more intense with its presentation of detail. I am hearing so much more from redbook cd's that I have played many time before. You will want to listen to every cut of the cd,and not just your favorites. They do cost, but this is the greatest upgrade I have ever done. The music just flows and you will feel every emotion of the music, every emotion of the artist and what he is trying to say. I know at times my heart races with the intensity of the music and the emotion of the presentation. Try this cord and find out what I am talking about. Brian
If you have a thousand or two to blow on power cords, go ahead and let us know!:)

The VD Mastere series cables are amazing. If I could afford them, they would be in my system!
I totally second Brouch's opinion.
I did his same way, upgrading from Nite to Master series power cords (three) on my amp, pre-amp and cd player.
The result is wonderful!
I totally second Brouch's opinion.
I did his same way, upgrading from Nite to Master series power cords (three) on my amp, pre-amp and cd player.
The result is wonderful!
Get some RG8 cable(25-50 cent/foot),neodymium magnets and build your own.
These cords are wonderful, especially when you can do your whole system.I found that the Master is just so relaxed in how the music is presented and that nothing is sounds forced.The soundstaging is so massive that you are enveloped in the venue with huge air around the performers. The dynamics extended in the bass and are effortless in the top octaves when you compare them to the Nite. They are not cheap but will compete with the very best outhere and offer huge resolution of redboof cd's. Brouch is correct in that you just forget about the system and get enveloped in the emotional flow of the music. I have had a classically trained flutist and a talented musician who plays many instruments, visit the listening room. They remark that the music has the same structure of notes that makes them feel as if they were playing that instrument!!. I can think of no higher accolade since I am an audiophile ( I cannot carry a tune in a basket as my grand father once told me) and not a trained musician.If you get the chance to try the Master, you may do yourself and your system a great favour in the process .
i also went from the nite to the Master and i completly agree with what was said above,they are great.and rick schultz is one of the best people around
Thank you gentlemen for your responses....especially the ''build your own '' guy. Some people on Audiogon are a great source to discuss these topics with.....sometimes, the honest opinions are the best. Others should continue to shop at Wal-Mart for all of their electronics. I use this as a resource to buy the correct cable for my system because I don't have a thousand or two just to ''blow''on a p/c cord......
Others should continue to shop at Wal-Mart for all of their electronics.

snooty, are we! If you ask what people think of a pricey piece of equipment, what do you expect them to say, they bought one and it was awful? You aren't looking for opinions, just confirmation of your purchase decision. So like I said, get it and let us know!(spelled out-smiley face)
Yeaahhhh, I guess that came across wrong. Sorry....I have not purchased this cable, but the VD is in the running and wanted to hear from people who have actually listened to the cable. Liked or disliked it ....didn't mean to offend but it surely comes across that way .
Bark, what did you think of the Virtual Dynamics Master power cord. I noticed you posted twice but did not mention your experience with them. I would love to try the Master series of cables. Anyone wanna trade for some Purist Venustus PCs?
I have a interesting story to tell,my girlfreind in not a audiophile as a matter of fact she listens to my system maybe once every 4 to 6 weeks.I have changed my amps from the cat Jl1s to the JL3s,my cable from transparent reference to the opus,my cartridge from the Koetsu Onyx Platinum to the Jade platinum Diamond and my speakers from Edilons to Edilon Diamonds and she never really appreciated the difference in sound,Only (It sound good).
2 weeks ago I changed my 5 power cords froms Nbs statement extreme to Virtual Dynamics Revelation,and we are listening and she goes what did you do it sounds like it did at Giant Stadium.(she works the concerts at the stadium).What she was trying to say in her own Best Buy electronics kind of way was that it sounded like live music.I can not think of a higher compliment from someone that thought my eidilon diamonds cost 1000 dollars.They are magic.I am talking about the pcs,I have not heard the interconnect or speaker cables.
Strapper211- I would hope that spending over $20K on power cords would produce some "magic," I just wonder if applying VD's SOL inside your components could have produced the same results.
Kana,I wonder who gave the SOL to you in the first place?? I thought that your review on the Master digital cable was almost accurate since your system only had one VD cable in it. I have made many mistakes in assuming that a cable was responsible for problems in the sound ,when it actually turned out to be my equipment stand that was responsible.The cable was able to show that detriment and I had to realise where it originated from. Unless you have had an all Vd system, how can you review a single cable and be sure that the results aren't being edited by the other cables. Also the SOL circuit is just part of what makes these cables so special, ferrite beading as well as solid core copper, cryoed ,cooked for break in.Strapper 211 is just at the tip of the icebrg with the pc, the ic's will show how far one can go( yes the Rev is expensive, but judging from Strapper211 system; I think he is ok with that).Kana I can't help but feel, that you may have had some bad experiences outhere, and think that a more fair approach would yield a possible Revelation-Take care Dennis
Dennis - First, I'm glad you & Strapper211 are happy with your VDs.

I stand by what I said in my "almost accurate" Master AES review posted over 8 months ago. Have you heard a 5M Master AES or a 5M Au24 AES in your system?

I've discussed the review, the single issue cable issue and the latest SOL developments with Rick.

I'm sorry, but I can't buy into the idea that you need to completely rewire your system before you can evaluate a single cable. If that's the case with VDs or any other cable company, than they should never send out a single cable on trial.

I have nothing against Rick, I'm just not prepared to spend more cables, than I've spent on the entire system to hear
a "possible Revelation."

I've been trying different combinations of SOL inside my equipment for over year, so I'm familar with what it does.
Have you tried it inside your gear? Aloha, Dan
Thank You Dennis for your Kind input.What I am trying to say Kana is that I have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars to get subtle to marginal improvements in sound,and here is a power cord that bettered a 3750.00 dollar power cord by a mile.I did not think my system could be improved by that much by any piece of equipment,let alone a power cord.I find that amazing and must shower praise on Virtual Dynamics and its designer Rick.
Strapper211- I know what you're trying to say.
Like most audiophiles, you've "spent thousands upon thousands of dollars" on plug and play outside the box items like power cords, and only gotten "marginal improvements in sound."

Rick's cables powered by SOL are like adding an active devise, but SOL can also be applied inside the box for a lot less $$$$.

I've been one of the few that has taken the time to experiment with SOL, unlike others on this forum who
ridiculed his ideas without ever trying it.

PS- If your girlfriend finds speakers at Best Buy that sound like your eidilon diamonds for a 1000 dollars, please let me know. ;-)
Hi Kana,I understand your point,but I am not very well versed at dealing with the inside of components so I guess I am a slave to the outboard updates,but if you can get that kind of improvement inside thats great.As for my girlfreind,she is so naive in audio,because of the size of my diamonds her only benchmark was to compare them to the overgrown boom boxes at Best Buy.But she is great for getting me in to concerts for free.
Please explain your upgrades inside the box, with the SOL.
What source did you do first with the greastest results? Where did you place the SOl, How many did you use, solider used ect,ect.
Thanks for your input.
It is Rick here from Virtual Dynamics, Kana813 (Dan Everet) is an eager follower of our Speed of Light technology that I publicly shared a few months ago here on the forums. Dan is not trying to imply that the power cables are not a Revelation (no pun intended). In fact Dan has never used Revelation power and has no idea really what you’re experiencing and is not implying he does. Nor is Kana813 professing to know anything about our cable design or what it does to a circuit as a complete cable or apparatus (Revelation is not really just cable at all, it is a devise).
Kana813 is simply stating that we can go farther (based of course on his experiments following directions as I explained to him) right inside components with one of our technologies.
The question then raised is: Is this modification better than buying our power cables? No, it is not even close; Clement Perry’s upcoming review at Stereo Times will likely explain this as he has had both. They in fact are very different as speed of light is only a part of the Revelations design. In fact even our new $299 Testament power offers a complete Speed of Light modification if you will, just as Dan (Kana813) has experienced,
The Modification, just like our Testament power is however very good. Dan is simply saying it seams he knows something of this and shares at least some small part of your enthusiasm about it based on what he has heard.
Our Revelation cable at a very large step up in fact $4200.00 is loaded with features and designed to deal with many different distortion causing energies.It is designed to do this before the the power supply, this is vital in making better music.
Of course Revelation really should not be compared Speed of Light on its own. Sure I will boast it as well; Speed of Light magnet technology is a "very" nice improvement indeed, that is why I shared it to show people a gift made to our industry. However it is only “one” feature of the Revelation cable you have Strapper211 a feature I also offer in my $299.00 cable. Testament power at 299.00 is something that my Speed of light modifications Dan refers to would compare to more closely. That said, please understand even just Speed of Light can be quite dramatically altered in performance to help us produce more efficient devices (just to confuse the matter).
We now currently offer four levels of Speed of Light in our designs the best in Revelation power of course. Our complete cable circuits have never been publicly shared as they are to much to explain in one article at least any more than is on our website.
Strapper211 be assured we keep the best of our offerings for our customers and in our products. We had four years of development before we shared Speed of light and although we intend to share it, we keep the cutting edge advantage. You have our direct experience as the inventors in utilizing Speed of light and “all” of our technologies. Some people may think it is all the same if they have not heard our various cables (or others for that matter other cables).
Dan (Kanna813) now having heard Speed of Light magnet modification done inside a component is (I am sure) simply eager to share the great results he has had playing around with magnets. But there is much more to revelation cables than what Kana813 has shared about Speed of Light. So Strapper211, not to worry, you are hearing what Kana813 (my friend Dan) is talking about plus a whole lot more. Thus enjoy, and don't worry about opening your equipment there is simply no need.
"Dan, Please explain your upgrades inside the box, with the SOL."

Brian- Rick has now entered this thread, so I suggest you contact him for more details on SOL, ask him to start
a new thread to explain his technology, or wait for Mr.Perry's review.

Mr.Perry has already commented on Rick's Master series cables, but to my knowledge, he has never told his readers about SOL mods inside his equipment. Mahalo for sharing this Rick. I'd love see to Mr.Perry review SOL inside the box using stock PCs verses SOL added via VD PCs.

Brian- since Rick states his PCs make a much bigger revelation, perhaps you should try one of those first, before opening your equipment. I'm sorry to have taken this thread off subject of buying VD PCs. ;-) Dan
Dan, in case you didn't notice, we already bought the cables and were discussing the merits of owning them.I applaud your ability to mode your own stuff, I prefer to let Steve Huntley from GNSC to mode mine. I would like to think that we are all after the same thing,to celebrate the love of music, and the people that help us get closer to it. I know that when I listen to my system, I am humbled and not above giving thanks for what I have been given. Share the music Dennis
Yes please do Brian, give me a call I will explain speed of light for you and guide you through how to tackle a mod. The original SOL thread got real hot, so calling is best.
I am signing off then fellows.
Virtual Dynamics
I have an all masters in my system, so yes I have tryed them. I love them. I just wanted to know what can be done inside the box to further improve the system. I have the cables, now go to the next step, which is to improve the source. I would think Rick tweaks all his componets with the SOL, plus some other tweaks. He just released a new amp line so he knows what to do inside the box. I am just ready for the next step of improving the source, or this maybe the first step to start with.
Since Mr.Perry is still working on his Revelation PC review, here's a better SOL comparison:

His TacT RCS with it's stock Meanwell SMPS power supply(no SOL inside the box) and a $4K VD Revelation PC verses the same TacT RCS with a stock PC and a Aberdeen Condor* power supply(cost-$600. on this site) w/SOL. Both versions plugged directly into the AC wall outlet no external power conditioning.

Inside mods verses plug and play.

*I don't build these units or have any financial interest in this company or the sale of this product.