Sound Dynamics 300Ti Replacement.

Please recommend speakers to replace the Sound Dynamics 300Ti. My criterion are:

1.) Efficient enough for a 6W single ended tube amp.
2.) Works well in a 10' x 10' room.
3.) Maintain all the strengths of the 300 Ti but provides more midrange body and LESS chassis resonance.
4.) Within $1000 used.
5.) Either slim floorstanders or monitors.

My components are:
Cambridge Azur 640 CD player.
Image 6Bi tube integrated using 6BX7 as power driver tubes.
Guerrilla audio silver interconnects.
Signal Cable Ultra speaker cables.

Thank you.
Omega speakers maybe. You would need over 94dB efficient I would think.
I have a pair of 300ti speakers. You could cut down on some of the box resonance, by placing something heavy on top of the speakers. I am using some cut blue stone that weighs in around or over thirty pounds, more than the speakers weigh. This has reduced by a wide margin much of if not all of that problem in this design. All in all this is a very good speaker, not only in its price range, but sounding much more than the price it sells for.