Monitor speakers with great dynamics ... experience need it

After several years with a great home theater speaker system (Aerials all around including 2 subs), need to reduce my system. Now, I need use monitor speakers instead of full range. My actual room size is 20ft x 15ft but distance from main/center speakers/screen will be around 12ft.
As you can imagine I  used to have huge dynamics, and because this new situation, I know that now I'm going to loose some (maybe more than some) of that, but would like to find very good  front, center and right monitors that can show dynamics when the volume is reasonably high. This monitors can be up to 50" tall so maybe this would help to go with bigger monitors. 
I will really appreciate your experiences and comments. Be part of this community proves that we are in the same league, and this type of opinions is what I'm looking for. Thanks in advance 
When you say "monitor", do you mean smaller 2-way speakers as monitor speakers instead of full-height floor standing?  Or do you mean speakers from the "Monitor Audio" brand?  You're saying that the monitors can be up to 50" tall (which is a very tall floor stander to me), so it is confusing what your question is.
Sorry, my bad. Im referring to  bookshelf speakers. Not 50" tall (other mistake), no more than 20" inches tall. 

I think it may depend a lot on the type of electronics/amplification you have. I am biased here, but the B&W 805 bookshelf speakers have incredible amounts of bass/punch/body for the size. -- given that you have a good high current amplifier driving them. They have been around for several generations of versions (I have Diamond gen 2). I don’t know how asthetic you need, but they can be found with rosenut or cherry finish. The piano black is very nice, but the flat black is not so much.

This question of "what speaker" is likely to spawn a million opinions :).  To be honest, there may be several choices that are nice.

Thanks Auxinput for you help. You are right about that there are several of them that can do the job.
Assuming you will use a subwoofer/subwoofers with this setup and no budget mentioned, Klipsch Heresy(Heresy II, Heresy III) L-C-R makes a great HT front stage.  Dynamics, tight bass, low distortion.  Your price of entry for triple Heresy I's or HII's could be as low as $700.00 or if new triple HIII's around $3000.00.

Well, if you would DIY it I would strongly recommend my kits the LM-1 and LM-1Cs. Designs are free.  Parts are in line with $1,500 to $2,000/pair speakers (depending on which and choice of caps).

Also, very dynamic and neutral. They are small though, so don't expect a Swing Orchestra level performance at full volume without a sub. however the midrange is very lively, treble is neutral and extends to 30kHz.

Plus, you get to tweak absolute tweeter settings and cap values. :)


Ref 3A de Capos  look for the I series  in nice wood great WAF

dynamic even at low vol

very eff. too
thanks to all for your input. No I have to do my homework researching all this.
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Since you're used to the Aerial's, why not downgrade to their smaller LR3's or model 5's ? These are previous generation models and can be found used at reasonable prices. If buying new you might consider the 5t's.

Which Aerial's do you have now?
+1 ATC SCM19.  Add a third one for a center or get their C3C center speaker.  I don't think you'll be disappointed by dynamics.  Best of luck.