Anyone auditioned Virtual Dynamics Extension cord

I own the Rotel RC-995 pre-amp which has a non-detachable power cord. Has anyone tried the P3 or Audition models that Rick manufactures. Is there another manufactuer producing extention power cords like this. Are there other solutions?
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EXXXCuse me,
Are you trying to use the extention power cord to improve the sound??????? What's the point?
I e-mailed Rick at Virtual Dynamics and Brett responded that I would get a larger soundstage and blacker background with there extension cord. Now wouldn't that be nice? Now I'm hoping for a follow-up on experience or any alternative for a non-detachable power cord.:)
heh... that looks like a fairy tale to me imo.
you can jump up with background mounting a non-detachable powercord by yourself if you know how but adding an extention cord???
Why not just plug into a high current PS ultimate outlet.

And/or Use a juice bar with the cord of your choice.
Hi Marakanetz, I read a thread were you did a modification of your own with a power cord back in Nov. How was the outcome? Elizabeth posted that she could pull this off in twenty minutes! Wow, she's a keeper! I also saw were people directed others to websites to have this work done. Im' inquiring as to the cord that Virtual Dynamics has produced. The Audition Extension would be sold for $220.00. If the end results are a larger soundstage and blacker background, then I'll feel very comfortable with this purchase, especially with all the hype on there power cords.
I believe A'Gon member Buckingham owns one of Rick's extension cords, hopefuly he'll chime in.
I was going to make mods on my amps quite a long time ago but just did it pretty recently. I've ordered Marnico hospital grade 3 prong plug from and a shielded power cord from VanDenHul. I'm actually all wired with VanDenHul which I believe have the best conductors in the electronic market. I was buying from them kits instead of terminated cables which made things much cheaper. The other reason that I'm not buying terminated cables is because I break them in through AC outlets.
In my experience, the VD powercord sounds a lot better when it is directly connected to the component than being indirectly connected to the component via the PS Audio Juice Bar.
OOPS!!! I forgot to mention to you Kite... that using power conditoner is no neccessity right now since I get the black-enough background from my AC socket. Moreover the power delivered is much greater and cleaner.