Here's a "must have" for you female vocalists fans

My daughter brought home a CD by an artist named Norah Jones on Capitol Records called "Come away with me". This is a definite addition to your CD collection.This young attractive woman has a very seductive and sensual voice. The production is very well done,with close-miking on Norah's voice and piano.I think this lady will be much appreciated by the Diana Krall fans.I'm not comparing the two as each has her own unique style.I would like to hear what you all think about her.The title cut"Come away with me" is especially lovely.
Released 2/2002.Type in Norah in discussions.Been in Rolling Stone Top 40 for weeks.Number 1 this week.Glad your daughter is keeping you up to date.Seen her on Leno and other talk shows.Shes very good.Good chance she will be best new artist of the year at the Grammys.Needs to beat out Avril Lavigne though.JD
I was fortunate to see her on PBS. It was an hour long. I could not believe an hour could go by so fast. Gotta feeling she will be around quite a few years. I understand that you are not comparing Krall to Jones. I wouldn't either. I have 4 krall CDs that I would trade for Norah Jones next release.
Trivia-her father is Ravi Shanker.
Her voice is is good to fair...but overall...much worse out there on TOP 40....
Ben_Campbell- A little further trivia, she has spent only a half hour of her life in her father's presence(not all at the same time). So as you may or may not have guessed they're real close :)
Sherod. She sounds very good on cd but the lp is fantastic!
200 gram lp on Blue Note/Classic Records. Available @
I should have checked the old threads. There is plenty to be said about her.No wonder the old timers on the threads have laid back for awhile.Seems there's nothing new under the sun.Oh well, at least some interesting trivia was added. Thanks.
How about a tip of the hat for Sherod's daughter. You owe her a banana split or a double sunday with extra wipe cream. Pay up or the Audio Police (a secret organization) will come get you!!!!!!!!
I think Norah has a cameo (yes...with piano and voice) in the latest Sandra Bullock-Hugh Grant romantic comedy formula flick. I didn't stick around for the credits, but surely it was her.
I know I'll be in the minority here, but I'm not as enamored with her talent as most people, and to be honest am quite surprised at all her Grammy nominations. I bought her CD almost a year ago and thought it was very well recorded, but I think she has kind of a strange voice. I thought she was pretty uninspired and boring on Saturday Night Live, and I wouldn't trade any of my Diana Krall or Jacintha CDs for her next release, but that's just me.
High Frequency Distortion!!!!! Great voice, but horrible production.
She's a hell of a lot better than most of the other drivel out there masquerading as music. When I was channel surfing last spring and happening on one of her videos, I sat and watched (never do that with MTV or VH1, otherwise!).

I agree....I would rather listen to her than to Diane Krall. But I'd much rather listen to Patricia Barber, Dave's True Story, Tierney Sutton, or Paula West than any of them.
Bonus...shes hot! BUt then again...when was the last time u saw an ugly chick in a video...Elton jon doesnt count...
In all fairness, one of my favorite rooms at CES was playing the Norah Jones CD while I was in the listening chair and I enjoyed quite a bit.
I also thinK Macy Gray has a killer voice! Her new one is coming to SACD...
She's really good, but in danger of being overexposed. One of the quickest transitions to department store music I can remember (at least the department store was Marshall Fields). I agree with Phasecorrect -- let's see how her music develops. She does have originality, though, so she'll probably do big things.
Gunbei, I can see where you would feel that her voice is strange, because it is. She is definitely not in the "seductive" league of Diana Krall and the likes. What caught my attention was her words in some of her songs and her ability to uniquely change keys and follow the tune with her different voice fluctuations. There's a blues song where you'd swear she had some New Orleans soul in her. If her father is Ravi Shankar, isn't he the one who was so influential on the Beatle's music, especially George with his use of the Sitar ?
yes she is totally overexposed and that comes from being in "that age group" the record company will make a boat load of cash off this album and when the next one or two do not sell she will be dumped. Because she is getting attention from some of the wrong areas (MTV) this hype will not last in that demographic. When an artist hits right away a record company expects everything to be gold but that can not sustain.
She has a special voice, and I really appreciate her honest simple approach to things. I have a feeling that she's going to develop like crazy too.
Overall she is a bit polished and slickly produced...hopefully her next recording will have more grit and life...maybe even a live one
Apparently there are some real issues with the quality of the recording.;f=3;t=004715
Onhwy61, (BTW: is your moniker a Dylan tribute?)

Thanks for that Norah Jones recording quality link! Fascinating reading!